Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reflections on FMS

After an incredible weekend at the Florida Moonshine party, I've spent the week reading blogs and reliving the adventure through my friends.  This doesn't completely counteract the post-party drop, but it helps.

It's fun to read another person's recollection of events.  Perhaps it is more fun when their recollection doesn't match your own - do you point out the differences or just sit back, giggle, and enjoy the story?  For myself, there is no way I could give a chronological description of events at FMS.  I tried to make some notes during the weekend and as I sat in the airport...both times I found myself stuck, thinking, "What did I do after that?"

Like every party, FMS was a collection of wonderful scenes and missed connections.  The scenes, whether watched or participated in, are bright moments of sensation and emotion, while the missed connections provide a sharp contrast of disappointment.  But there will be future parties, future opportunities to play out those scenes.

A few highlights of this year's party:

  • After waiting for He-Who-is-Always-Late to bring Craig and G from the airport, five of us went out to dinner Thursday night.  When the restaurant asked for a last name, there was an awkward silence before someone offered "Smith?"  The Smith party of 5 never returned because we decided to eat somewhere with a shorter wait.

  • During dinner, Craig and I became so involved with our iPhones (I'd gotten a new one the day before and he was teaching me stuff!  This was a legitimate distraction!) that we didn't even notice the rest of the table discussing our obsession.

  • Watching the exchange between Indy and Michael while Indy was over the spanking bench - she says I'm subversive, but her banter is amazing!

  • Craig's marvelous performance as "Creepy Craig", a short but memorable demonstration on when and how to tell someone no at a party.

  • Playing with Miss Chris after watching the pizza riot that wasn't (last year's pizza riot was much more exciting).  I didn't even DO anything, but Miss Chris was wonderful.

  • My last spanking Friday night, instigated when someone put the following question to a vote in a suite: "Should Lizzie go to bed or get one last spanking?"  I don't think anyone voted for me to go to bed!  And yeah, I'm glad I didn't go to bed.

  • Several pleasant walks on the beach, including one that ended in a wet-bottom spanking.

  • A particularly "kinky" dean-student scene which actually put me into a punishment head-space (more on that in a later blog, but this is an unusual phenomenon for me)

  • Several amazing scenes with Craig, probably, as he says "Some scenes are best left to the imagination."  I'll have to agree because I can rarely remember what happened well enough to write a description.  The heights he can take me to!  Right out of my head and into subspace.  What more can I say?

  • Sneaking into the hot-tub with Brad and Indy, to be joined later by others.  There is some disagreement about who instigated this adventure, but I'll go on record saying that it wasn't MY fault, despite any rumors you might hear.

  • "Finding" Jada - we weren't rooming together for the first time after several parties as roomies - it was great to reconnect and talk about everything.  We also got a laugh over the number of people who had asked if we'd had some sort of fight, resulting in our split as roommates.  (And no, there wasn't a fight or disagreement, it was just poor planning...which we're not doing anymore if we can help it.)


  1. Great description, Lizzie! Yes, I'm a bit too blatant to be subversive, I suspect. :-)
    I was glad to reap the benefits of your poor planning wrt rooming with Jada-- it was a delight for me to have such a fun roommate! As for the hot tub, I clearly recall you as the instigator. Quietly, of course.

  2. Well, well, well. Look what YOU'VE started! Now you're actually gonna have to write!

    This is really wonderful and, I have to say, really sweet. You're a good writer, Lizzie, and I really enjoy reading your perspective. It's always fun (and a bit voyeuristic) to see the same event from someone else's perspective.

  3. Always blame the quiet one...right?

  4. That's generally the idea, Craig - that'll I will keep writing. If I don't, you can pester me about it, fair enough?

    After enjoying everyone else's blogs, I finally decided I was ready to try. Maybe I'll enjoy the corresponding exhibitionism of blogging?

  5. Pester you? Perhaps I'll just punish you!

  6. Will that be with a spanking? Because we've talked about this before...such a punishment tends to have the opposite effect.

  7. OK. Perhaps I WON'T punish you!

  8. Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything at all.