Thursday, September 23, 2010

SL Party Report - Sunday

It's a good thing I caught up on my sleep Saturday night, because Sunday was my busiest day.  Waking up fairly early, Jada and I decided to hit the pool.  Having learned from my experience Friday morning, we did not even attempt the water.  We simply sat on the side and enjoyed the sun (or in my case, the shade), talking and catching up on things.  Different friends would wander by to chat; it was a wonderful way to spend the morning.

When we returned to our room, we ran into a bit of trouble.  I thought I would wear the t-shirt I had changed into the night before, because I had worn it for less than 15 minutes before deciding that bed was a better plan.  But I couldn't find the darn thing!  To make matters worse, I couldn't find anything else I had been wearing the night jeans, no socks, no underthings...nothing.  Jada jumped in to help me look.  We've been roommates enough times now that she's familiar with my habits.  I was very frustrated, as I had gone to bed early and entirely sober, so I couldn't figure out what had happened.  I'm not sure which of us eventually found my clothes, neatly folded in a pile, which is something I don't do.  Craig, stopping by the night before to make sure I was alright, had (rather obsessively, to my mind) neatly folded the clothes I had left strewn about the room.  I suppose both of us assumed any FOLDED clothes weren't mine!

We ate brunch with a group of friends at the Cafe, in a disaster that lasted far too long and was beyond frustrating.  You can read Craig's account here, but I'm not reliving that horror of bad service myself.  I guess it was my day to search for lost items.  Instead of going to CP Court myself, I answered the text of a friend and helped search his room for a set of lost rental car keys.  Unfortunately, we had no luck finding the missing keys and he was forced to spend the rest of the day dealing with locksmiths and such.  I was sorry to miss CP Court, because that is always hilarious.  But helping friends is more important sometimes.

Katy-Lynn and I had arranged to do a roleplay with Rad that afternoon.  After some rapid texting and phone calls, KL came up with a scenario.  She decided we had stolen Rad's Diner's Club* card for a night of gambling.  I don't gamble, so KL admitted we might also have been drinking and picking up guys.  Rad was in character the moment we knocked on the door and he wasn't pleased with our antics!  I let KL do most of the talking, because it takes me a minute to get into a roleplay.  Bad idea.  Before I knew it, she had admitted that we'd spent $500, only $200 of which she had lost gambling.  To make up the shortfall, she decided I had not only been drinking with random guys at the bar, but I'd gotten a room** with one.  Rad demanded the guy's name.  Caught off guard, I shrugged it off.  I didn't know, didn't care, it was perfectly normal to get a room with some guy whose name I didn't know, right?  Yeah, not so much.  He rightly decided I was a sociopath, but that didn't stop him from spanking both of us!  Great scene, all around.

We shared many laughs afterward, once we got out of our roleplay headspace.  It was nearly as nice to catch up with Rad as it was to play with him.  The social aspect of parties, just getting the chance to talk to friends that are scattered across the country, is one of the less discussed pleasures of these events.

I returned with KL to her room.  We talked with her boyfriend, R, for a bit before we launched into a fun, lighthearted scene.  KL and I can play off one another, just verbally baiting whomever has the dubious pleasure of spanking us together.  We hadn't done this in the scene with Rad, as we were in plenty of trouble without saying anything stupid.  So we practiced on R instead.  I think all three of us had a good time.

I raced off to meet another group of friends for dinner at the Mexican restaurant.  In contrast to our brunch experience, the service was exceptional.  M&D were heading home early, so there were plenty of tearful goodbyes.

After dinner, Craig and I managed to fit in a "standing scene" - our new favorite position discovered in Atlantic City.  He says my backside looks amazing that way, and who am I to argue with that?  Plus, he has impeccable aim, even in this position (which cannot be said for every top who has attempted to spank me this way)...another quality I won't argue with.

We made our way to a suite party, were Tony caught up with me and delivered a set of cane strokes.  We've been trying to connect for several parties, but our schedules haven't matched up.   I'm not sure how many I ended up with, we started with 6...but when he checked in, I was like, sure, more is good.  After that, I escaped to my room for a very wonderful and relaxing flogging and spanking from F.  I was glad to catch up with him after the great conversation we had at the SSNY suite party on Saturday.  I guess it was my night for catching up with people I've missed at past parties, because I finished the night with M, with whom I'd been unable to schedule with at FMS in June.

Catching up with everyone can be a challenge, but it's SO worth it!

* For the record, I do know what a Diner's Club card is...I'm not as young as I look.  But I've never actually seen one.  So maybe I am.

** Let me assure you, if I "got a room" with some guy I just met (and whose name I didn't know)...he'd have paid for the damn room!  But when it comes to an entire baseball team...all bets are off.


  1. OMG... you mean.. nahhh.. it can't be! Craig does laundry too????!!!! Now that's better than a mint on a pillow! LOL

  2. Thank you for the fun role play mentioned above. There's nothing like putting on the angry on a Sunday afternoon.

  3. And than you for putting on the angry - it was awesome!

  4. Sure... It sounds good, until you can't find your clothes!