Friday, September 10, 2010

SL Party Report - Wednesday/Thursday

I'm a little delayed in posting my party report.  Does that mean it's more forgivable if I leave something out?  Ah well, I'm certain I will regardless of when I write, so I may as well dive in.

This year's Shadowlane was spectacular, of course.  It is always such fun to see old friends, make new friends, and spend a weekend surrounded by fellow kinksters.  Like Rad, I really hope there will be another party next year.

I started my party early, arriving late Wednesday night.  Brad met me at the gate, a surprise I nearly missed as I was texting him to arrange a meeting location.  Without undue hassle, we collected his bags (I prefer to carry-on, which can make airport security interesting) and his rental car.

Brad had picked a restaurant for dinner based on pictures of wooden seats.  Actually, he had found a place we could both eat, which considering my food allergies, might be saying something.  He was convinced I would need a quick warm-up in the backseat of the car before dinner, and the wooden seats would help me remember to behave.  I was convinced he was teasing.

I was wrong.

Despite that unique experience, dinner was nice.  We caught up even as we texted other friends.  Craig had misdirected a text to me, which you can read about here, and we shared much laughter over that.

Inspired by the "Root Beer" concoction Brad had before dinner (a drink that I am certain contained no root beer at all, much like a Long Island Ice Tea contains no tea), I got another quick spanking bent over the trunk of the car in the parking lot after dinner.  While I don't mind public play at parties, I am shy of true public play.  These two sessions, while brief, were certainly memorable!

Arriving at the hotel, we discovered our rooms were only a door apart.  After unpacking and settling into our rooms, we finished the evening in true party style - with a bedtime spanking.

After a good night's sleep, Brad and I met up again for breakfast at the Cafe in the casino.  The service was decent and the food was good, although I preferred what Brad ordered over what I had ordered.  Wonderful man that he is, he let me eat my fill of his meal and he finished mine as well.

Armed with shopping requests from many of our later-arriving friends, we embarked on an epic shopping trip.   I am a picky eater with food allergies, so it is important that I keep food in my room.  We made a number of stops, picking up all the necessities - food, water, Coke (for Jada, who got to come at the last minute!), wine (for Craig and others), sake (for Gia), Dark & Stormy ingredients, Brad's tux, and several pairs of socks for me.  Yes - I forgot to pack any socks.  Any at all!

After making three trips to carry all our purchases into the hotel, I had planned to take a nap.  I was too excited to fall asleep easily, despite Craig's promise to text and call when he got to the hotel.  I finally fell asleep and he didn't wake me up!  But I got over being cranky the moment he arrived at my door...

My notes about the scene that followed are simply "several hours disappeared."  I remember the bit in front of the windows, my breasts pressed against the cold glass in tribute to Holodeck (part 1), which was in turn inspired by a phone scene with Craig.  I remember getting one of the three bruises on my arm (we discussed them after the scene and neither of us knew where the other two came from).  We tried several new things, most of which I part because I'm crazy like that, but mostly because Craig and I have talked about these things and developed a real trust.  We certainly did things I would not attempt with anyone else, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Afterwards, we met my "sis" Katy-Lynn for a late dinner.  I hung out with her in another friend's suite after dinner, then made my way to another suite party.  I finished the night relatively early with another short scene with Craig, the details of which are completely blurred by time and exhaustion.


  1. Great report Lizzie! I just adore that Brad.. always thinking of ways to get ya on a hard bench seat for dinner after a spanking! He's so thoughtful like that! ... rofl..

    You and Craig are just my heroes... nuff said there! (grins)

  2. Great start!

    I can't wait to read more. Like...right now???

  3. I'm sorry it has taken me so long. I'm working on the next part now!

  4. Thanks Zelle! I adore Brad as well, as you might be able to tell. The teasing and jokes are so much of the fun!

    And Craig, well, what can I say? He's kinda my hero too.