Monday, March 21, 2011

Brittanic Honeymoon

This is the first chapter in my collaborative story with Craig. You can expect to read the next installment on his blog in about a week. The usual disclaimers apply to this fictional story.

Alec swung his carryall into the shuttle’s overhead storage with an ease that came from frequent travel, locking his bag into place with a practiced jerk. His eyes slid from his bag to the open spot beside it, then dropped to the floor where his new wife had left her bag. Rolling his eyes, he heaved her bag into place. Unlike the overhead compartment of an atmosphere airplane, the shuttle accepted only standard bags that latched into the open storage area. Positioned side-by-side, the bags were as much of a contrast as the couple themselves. Kelsey’s bag was brand new, a vivid deep purple with sparkling silver and gold flecks. Alec’s bag was well traveled, a businessman’s solid navy blue.

Kelsey gave him a bright smile and a quiet, “Thank you, love.” Despite her frequent travels, she bounced about her seat like a child taking her first flight off-planet, leaning forward to inspect the safety card and playing with every button she could reach. Alec gave her an indulgent smile as he settled in next to her. Her excitement was understandable; they had settled for a simple wedding, indulging in a lengthy space-cruise for their honeymoon. Although the pair traveled extensively, together and singly, neither had found time for a cruise before.

He fastened the safety harness into place and picked up the Sky Mall magazine, a tradition that had followed from atmospheric flight to shuttles. Sensing the shift of his attention, Kelsey folded a knee beneath her and pushed up to look around the small cabin. No other passengers had boarded their section yet, so as Kelsey slid back into her seat, she pushed up the armrest that separated them. One hand slipped innocently down to his thigh, her other hand easily guided his finger into her mouth. Her eyes locked on him, she slowly began fellating his finger.

The sensation of her mouth around his finger caused him to freeze. He closed the magazine deliberately and replaced it in the seatback pocket, his eyes never leaving hers. He performed the same quick check of their cabin. Finding it empty, he leaned closer to her and growled, “What do you think you’re doing, little one?”

Her lips curved into a smile around his finger. She withdrew, her teeth grazing his finger. He took over then, sliding a second finger into her mouth and exploring briefly while his other hand unlatched his safety harness. Then he pulled his fingers back, catching her lower lip between his two fingers and his thumb, squeezing just to the point of discomfort.

“You want to have a scene right here? Is that it?” He demanded, wrapping his hand around her jaw. His knuckles traced her jawline; her head fell back relaxed, her eyes nearly closing as she lost herself in the sensation. He took her chin, forcing her to look at him.

She drew in a shaky breath, the air between them practically shimmering with the force of their quiet power exchange. When she failed to answer, he pulled his hand back and gave her face the lightest slap. She reacted as though the blow had been much harder, her eyes flying open, the muscles in her face slackening, but the muscles in her back and neck tensing.

He leaned in close to her, his teeth closing in something between a bite and a kiss on her neck, her jaw, her chin, and finally her mouth. His hand slid between her legs, skipping any pretense of playing and simply taking a firm hold of her. He ground his hand into her as he kissed her, hard. When he pushed himself away from her, falling back into his seat, he left her breathless and disheveled. She gave a little moan of distress at his abandonment, her swollen lips settling into a pout.

“Settle down,” he said, glaring at her. “And stop pouting, Kelsey. You really don’t want another spanking right now. The welts you have from last night are going to make takeoff interesting enough, I think.”

Her mischievous smile returned at his reminder of their scene the night before. It had been intended as a light-hearted scene to begin their wedding night, but it had spontaneously intensified. The hard play was a hallmark of their relationship, as was the passionate lovemaking that followed. Even if the welts were painful when high g-forces pushed her into her seat during takeoff, she would enjoy the memory. She leaned forward to give him a quick, light kiss.

“Buckle-up,” he said, nodding to the safety harness, “We’ll be on the Brittanic before you know it. There will be plenty of time on our honeymoon to play.”


  1. Lizzie, wonderful as always. Looking forward to more!

  2. Thank you both! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Wow. This is an excellent beginning to what is sure to be an interesting story. I'm excited to see what the two of you come up with. Perhaps my heart rate will have slowed by the time Craig posts his installment.

  4. Thanks Melanie!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter. I'm very excited to see what Craig comes up with next...

  5. Spanking and space travel...such a wonderful combination. ;)

  6. This is a great start. As Melanie said, the bar is high. I love the set-up and am as surprised and pleased as the other readers. Really has my gears turning wondering where to take this...

  7. Thanks, Craig! I simply cannot wait to read what you come up with...