Monday, April 4, 2011

Brittanic Honeymoon (Part 3)

This is the third chapter in my collaboration with Craig. You can read the first chapter here, and the second chapter here.

Alec turned slightly to watch the Port pulling away from the cruise ship, or vice versa, he firmly reminded himself. The Port kept a geosynchronous orbit above Earth; it was the cruise ship that was moving. His hands roamed Kelsey’s pert bottom absently as he took in the view. It would be a fantastic sight from the observation deck.

He was about to suggest that she put her pants back on so that they could move to the observation deck when his fingers encountered the welts on her thighs. They were more pronounced than he had expected, even knowing the intensity of their play the night before. He tipped her further forward so that he could inspect one of the welts more closely, eliciting a startled protest from her.

“These had to have hurt during the trip up here, Kelsey. Why didn’t you say anything?”

She kicked one leg in protest, “It’s supposed to hurt. And it hurts now more now when you, hey! That hurts, I said!”

He was poking and prodding the welts, curious about how the high-g trip up to the cruise ship had effected the bruising. “You should have said something.”

She pushed herself around to give him a skeptical look, “I’m fine.”

He slapped one of the welts, hard. “Fine, is it?” He smacked another welt on her other thigh, “Fine?”

“No, ow. Alec, that hurts!”

“It’s supposed to hurt,” he said, deliberately mimicking her earlier statement. For good measure, he gave each of the welts a healthy smack. Conventional spanko wisdom said that it helped to ‘break up the bruises’, not that he had given the matter much thought before. Kelsey usually did not bruise as much as one might expect, especially considering the level they played at. But they had not found time to play as often just before the wedding, as there were so many details that demanded attention.

Satisfied that she would suffer no lasting harm, Alec helped her to her feet. He watched, his eyes narrowed possessively, as she wiggled back into her pants. He pulled her into a spontaneous hug, kissing her soundly. Pulling away, he gave her a huge smile as he held out a hand, “Let’s find the observation deck, shall we?”

She nodded once, beaming at him. Hand in hand, they made their way through the halls of the cruise ship to an enormous glass enclosed room. From the observation deck, they could see Earth shrinking in the distance.

The room was crowded with people; couples and families come to watch as the ship pulled away from the planet. The large room was dotted with simple benches, providing a place to sit, or on a less crowded day lie flat, and look out the windows. They found a spot near a window and stood for some time, staring out the window. The crowd was beginning to disperse, especially families with small children going to seek more active entertainment. A bench cleared and Alec pulled Kelsey over to the open spot. Kelsey took one look at the solid bench and shook her head.

“I’m fine, but you should sit down.” Kelsey said, leaving unsaid any mention of why she might not want to sit on the hard bench.

Alec wrapped an arm around her waist as he sat, pulling her easily onto his lap. She looked at him sideways, with one eye closed speculatively. But when he made no move to do anything untoward, she leaned against his shoulder, satisfied.

“Look!” Kelsey pointed to another cruise ship that was passing nearby. She leaned forward to look, hissing a little at the pressure of his legs against her welts.

“I hope they have good air traffic control,” Alec said, only half joking, for the other large ship seemed uncomfortably close in the vastness of space. As a bit of an experiment, he bounced his legs up and down, as if entertaining a small child on his lap.

Kelsey hissed, then glared at him. Finally, she wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, “Alec! That hurts! The welts…”

“I thought it might,” Alec smirked at her, jouncing his legs up and down.

She made an odd sound, a mixture of laughter and whimpering. After a moment of enduring this, she popped off his lap and all but skipped across the room to a display of pamphlets. She returned with half a dozen shiny folded papers and plopped right back onto his lap, eschewing the empty bench beside him. Kelsey fanned out the brochures, bouncing a little bit on his lap until he took the hint and took over.

“These are the shore excursions available this week,” Kelsey offered, smiling brightly at him for reading her not so subtle body language.

Alec laughed at her unabashed delight in sensation, any sensation. But they opened the pamphlets and began to debate the possibilities.

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