Monday, April 18, 2011

Brittanic Honeymoon (Part 5)

This is the fifth chapter in my collaboration with Craig. You can read the fourth chapter on his blog here, and you can find links to all the chapters on the Brittanic Honeymoon tab on my blog.

Kelsey raced into the bathroom the moment they entered their room. Alec noticed that their trunks had arrived and took a moment to consider the ingenuity that allowed them to travel with such a wide assortment of items. The base of their bed was only a steel frame that provided storage for their eight trunks. Along each side of the bed, trunks with two stacked drawers were locked into place, giving them four drawers on either side of the bed for accessible storage. These trunks had been packed as the dressers they would become, full of small clothing that needn’t be unpacked.

Under the bed, Alec knew, their four larger trunks were situated. Three of them would be empty, unpacked by staff into the wardrobe. The fourth, marked carefully to prevent such unpacking, was placed at the end of the bed so that he could unpack it himself. Naturally, all these trunks matched their other luggage, making one side and the foot of the bed navy and the other side a sparkling riot of purple, silver, and gold. Alec rolled his eyes at the sight, wishing he had insisted upon black luggage for both of them; but Kelsey could be as insistent as she was whimsical.

Alec heard the splash of water from the bathroom that told him Kelsey was cleaning her teeth. He joined her and they jostled playfully over the potable and grey water facets as they prepared for the Ball. Kelsey finished first and returned to the bedroom. Alec finished a few minutes later and followed Kelsey into the other room. A trail of discarded clothing led directly to Kelsey, who stood naked manipulating the Wall.

“For the love of…” Alec muttered. When that failed to rouse Kelsey from her distraction, he snapped out her name.

Kelsey jumped and looked at him, clearly startled. Her eyes fell from him to the trail of clothing and her cheeks heated. She bit her lower lip like a chastened child before offering, “You didn’t say if you wanted to do Steam Punk or traditional Victorian tonight.”

“Kelsey!” Alec waved at the Wall, causing the image to sink back into the screen and the screen to go dark.

She forced a wide smile as she hurriedly scooped up her clothing, “If we’re meeting someone, you’ve told them what to look for, right?”

“And you thought to see if you could figure out who we were meeting, so you would know what I’d told them we would be dressed as?” Alec shook his head at her ability to obfuscate the issue, not missing the delicate way she had limited his costume choices to two, although they undoubtedly had other options. “You might have simply asked, Kelsey.”

Kelsey scooped up the last article of clothing, the top she had removed just outside the bathroom, putting her within arms reach of Alec. Pushing the bundle of clothing under one arm, she leaned forward to kiss him. Alec allowed himself to be distracted for a moment, wrapping an arm around her naked body and pulling her deeper into the kiss.

“Victorian,” he said firmly, setting her aside, “Full Victorian style, I even brought your chastity belt.”

“Alec!” Kelsey’s outrage was tempered by anticipation.

“Start getting ready, little one. You’ve more to do than I have.” Alec laughed as he knelt at the end of the bed and pulled out the unpacked trunk. “Go on,” he ordered, when she would have peeked to see what else he had brought.

She skipped away, quickly sorting her clothing into that which needed to be laundered and hanging the other pieces. From the wardrobe, she began assembling her costume. The hoop skirt was not period, but it made the ensemble more wearable and more easily packable. The contrasting colors of the underskirt and the split overskirt were repeated in the tightly fitting, corset inspired bodice. These items had been hung with care by staff members who knew how to treat the rich fabrics so that no wrinkles or folds remained from the trip. She found her low-heeled, mid-calf, lace-up boots on a shoe rack in the bottom of the wardrobe. Silk stocking and lace-covered-silk gloves were rolled up neatly in the drawers on her side of the bed.

While Kelsey assembled her outfit, Alec had set out his own, prepared the chastity belt, and set out a number of evil things to play with later. Men’s formal wear being what it was, Alec’s outfits were far more versatile. Even so, he had several different shirts with slightly different collars and details to match any era. For tonight, he picked something that matched Kelsey’s outfit to mark them as clearly together.

Alec caught Kelsey before she could start dressing, asking lightly “Aren’t you forgetting something, love?”

Kelsey made a show of checking the costume she had laid out and shaking her head, “No, I’ve got everything.”

Alec held up the chastity belt, a smooth creation of neoprene-lined hard molded plastic that fitted perfectly to Kelsey’s curves. He had added a few of the optional attachments, a medium-sized dildo and a smaller butt-plug. She took in these items and caught her lip between her teeth, uncertain. But as he helped her into it, she made no verbal complaint. They both knew he had made “nice” choices, things that would make her squirm but not render her uncomfortable. And Kelsey was well aware of how quickly he could change his mind about such things.

Alec fastened the neoprene-backed leather straps around her waist, locking them into the front panel. He watched her carefully, seeing the mental adjustment she made. His arms slide around her bare waist and he pulled her to him. He kissed her nose lightly, murmuring, “That’s my good girl.” A hand under her jaw, he lifted her face to him and kissed her again. “Now get dressed, love. We’ve new friends to meet.”


  1. I really like this. Great set-up! It's fun to see where all this is going...

  2. Thanks Craig! This chapter turned out mostly all set up, but I can't wait to see what you do with it.