Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boardwalk Badness Weekend (Saturday)

Once again, going to bed early did not translate into waking up early. Sometimes looking back at a party I see a blur of talking, playing, eating and sleeping with very little downtime. But I suppose that's why I keep going back!

Jada and I had put together special costumes for Saturday morning. We weren't participating in the Tanner Reformatory scene this year, but we showed up in our school uniforms...just from a different magical school. We had created HP-themed costumes, complete with gray skirts, knee socks, button-down shirts, blue and silver ties, school sweaters, and robes. After the amusing Tanner Reformatory skit, we made the most of our outfits with an HP-themed roleplay that we had been planning for some time. The dashing Professor Strapp, with his matching blue and silver bow-tie, made certain we regretted our misbehavior in his class. Except, well...this student would probably do it all over again, including every last bit of sassy commentary regardless of the consequences.

Again we went in search of allergen friendly food options, but returned to the evening party in time to visit with friends while they ate dinner. Craig participated in the Talent Show - you can read his report here - with me as his sacrificial bottom. I got my first ever spanking from a spanking machine, which was enough to cure me of any spanking machine fantasies I might have had. Give me a wonderful, warm human being anytime! But the winner's comedy routine? Absolutely amazing! Totally deserving of the prize (whatever that was, I must admit I wasn't paying that much attention by that time).

One of the unique things about the SSNY party is the private play areas available at the evening parties. These curtained off cubicles allow for private play without leaving the ballroom, which is a really great option. I was able to catch up and play with several people, including Glenn, Craig, and Fineous, before heading up to the suite parties. And as you're beginning to guess by now - an early bedtime for this girl!


  1. Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

  2. I did, Craig! Thanks to all the wonderful people who attended the party and the absolutely amazing organizers!