Monday, May 9, 2011

Brittanic Honeymoon (Part 7)

This is an ongoing collaboration between myself and Craig. You can read Craig's summary and part 6 here, or you can find links to all the previous chapters on the Brittanic Honeymoon tab on my blog.

Kelsey quickly locked the door when Alec left. She pressed cool hands against her heated cheeks, frustrated with his ability to disconcert her. When her hands warmed, she rinsed them with cool water and repeated her efforts until her face returned to its natural shade. Eager as she was to return to the festivities, she took a few extra minutes putting herself together. This was certain to be a unique experience.

Alec was waiting patiently in the lobby, looking entirely at ease. Kelsey felt warmth rush to her cheeks at the sight of him and cursed her pale skin. He smiled at her, that secret expression that conveyed so much between them. He knew what she thought and felt, almost as though he could read her mind, and he loved her for it. He extended his arm to her, a courtesy she accepted naturally.

Again they made their way through the sparkling lights and glittering crowd. The group of kinksters had reformed after the first few dances completed, a few new couples joining them.

“Shall we take a walk in the gardens?” Ronald asked, his utterly polite suggestion conveying an unspoken command. “I’ve arranged for a somewhat private spot,” he continued, “So that we can get to know one another. No protocol tonight, just introductions.”

The Mardi-Gras couple led the others through the ballroom and across an area decorated as an outdoor terrace. Ronald continued down a short flight of steps into the gardens. As they wound through the grounds, Kelsey reached out curiously to touch the plants. A combination of live greenery and holographic additions created the spectacular gardens.

Eventually, they passed between enormous bushes and entered a curious clearing. Though it appeared to be merely a clearing in the midst of the gardens, Alec could see the special effects that created the mirage out of a small room. The walls used advanced holographic screens to extend the garden around them, including a bandstand in which projected musicians tuned their instruments. Having found the note, or after the computer noticed the presence of the group, the band started a classic song.

Ronald nodded politely to Alec and bowed to Kelsey, “Would you do me the honor?”

Kelsey glanced at Alec. At his nod, she took Ronald’s proffered arm and the pair spun into the center of the clearing. Alec approached another of the ladies and the group was soon engaged in the ancient formal dance, exchanging partners following the strict rules of the dance. Each swap of partners gave them a few minutes to assess one another, to exchange a few words of greeting or discussion with the easy opportunity to focus on the complicated steps if the conversation was uncomfortable.

Several dance sets later, the group scattered to the edges of the room for refreshments. The music switched from rousing dance music to quieter music that allowed easy conversation.

Alec and Kelsey found one another and drifted over to the hosting couple to chat. Ronald and Helena were interesting for more than just the potential zero-g play. The couple played gracious hosts, familiar with the intricacies of space-cruises and the kinksters who took such trips. They promised to keep Alec and Kelsey informed of upcoming events and possible excursions.

Alec led Kelsey over to a young woman who appeared to be nearly the same age as Kelsey, “This is Claire, love. Claire, my wife, Kelsey.”

Claire wore a striking red gown that complimented her smooth skin and elaborately decorated blond hair. Her hand clutched a bit tighter at her partner’s arm, just the tiniest show of shyness. “And this is my husband, Jaran.”

“Pleased to meet you both,” Kelsey said easily, though she bit her lip even as she smiled. There was always that moment of awkwardness, when couples met, with so many potential relationships and feelings to consider. She adjusted her grip on Alec’s hand, squeezing his thumb to tell him that her initial reaction was favorable.

They chatted for a few minutes. Claire and Jaran were new to the scene, but interested in trying new things. They exchanged contact information and drifted apart.

Alec and Kelsey made their way around the room, introducing one another to the more interesting individuals they had met dancing. They were able to express their initial reactions and a few other responses through the simple code they had developed, though they could tell one another’s responses fairly well from other body language. They would discuss the options in detail later, but it helped to meet everyone.

A few of the couples left, singly or in pairs. Kelsey looked longingly after one of the couples until Alec noticed. “Are you ready for our wedding night, love?” He whispered softly in her ear.

“Yes, please!” Kelsey said brightly, though Alec could hear the undertone of fatigue in her voice.

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