Monday, September 19, 2011

Shadow Lane - Part 1

My party began with a lovely bit of déjà vu on Thursday afternoon. Even though I did not fly in the same time as Brad this year, he was kind enough to pick me up at the airport. Once again, Brad had promised me a spanking as soon as practicable – and as luck would have it, we have differing ideas of what that is. Upon arriving at the car in the parking garage at the airport, Brad insisted we both get in the backseat. He pulled me over his lap and delivered a brisk spanking over my jeans.

As I’ve said before, despite my love of public play at parties, I’m shy of true public play – and with good reason! As I scrambled out of the backseat and got into the front seat, I noticed a group of six adults packing their bags into the back of a minivan parked nearby. As you might imagine, most of these individuals found our interaction far more entertaining than the efforts of loading their bags into their vehicle! Their pointing and laughter had me blushing and wishing I could sink right through the seat of the car.

Brad and I caught up over lunch at the same lovely restaurant we had found last year. Lunch was pleasant as we caught up and I exchanged a few texts with other friends who had already arrived at the party. I insisted on paying for lunch, because Brad had been kind enough to return to the airport to pick me up, saving me the cost of a cab. That was great until the waitress returned with my expired debit card.

In my defense, it was the first of September. And I feel compelled to add that the stupid card had worked perfectly well that morning when I picked up a few odds and ends before I flew out (something about using the PIN, I guess?).

“We’ll discuss this later, young lady,” Brad said, giving me such a look that the waitress came to my defense! Unfortunately, we never got the chance. But it was a delightful way to start the weekend.

After unpacking, I met Beth and Craig at TGI Fridays for a “second lunch,” though it was bordering on an early dinner by that point. Afterwards, I think Craig and I had the first of many scenes over the weekend – something light and playful, as I recall. The most memorable thing about the scene was being interrupted by a knock on my hotel room door. A fellow party-goer I had never met was going door-to-door to introduce himself. I don’t get people, sometimes.

Dinner was another chance to catch up, as I met Brad, his wife C, Beth, CeeCee, and Craig at the Mexican restaurant in the hotel. I seem to remember my party weekends by the food eaten and the friends I spend time with, as much as by the play I engage in. Exhausted and out of sorts from travel, I called it an early night.

Friday seems to have been lost in a blur. I slept in late, then I got my soy chai tea latte – a party treat because I live more than 30 miles from a Starbucks (yes, Craig, it is possible to live so far from civilization). As the party got into full swing, it was impossible to wander through the casino or down the halls without running into several spanking friends. Greetings and hugs were exchanged, room numbers collected, and promises of further catching up and play were made. I seemed to be shaking off the stress of reality and moving into party mode.

I know I played with Craig that afternoon – it’s on my list and he blogged about it here. But the specifics of the scene are lost in the haze. I’m SO sorry! I do have vivid memories of him removing his belt (it’s a lovely trigger, what can I say?), but I’m not entirely convinced that happened Friday afternoon.

I caught up with Indy, who had just gotten in, for some fun girl-time. Her Twitter friend, Judy – a lovely woman enjoying her first large party – joined us. We ended up at dinner at the steakhouse, joined by a group I couldn’t begin to name. Then it was time to dress for the Vendor Fair. I was very excited about the outfit I’d put together.

No, 9 ¾ does not mean I think I’m very nearly a “perfect 10” – I cannot begin to tell you how many people asked me that. Perhaps if the shirt said “Platform 9 ¾”? For goodness sakes, people - look here. Despite the confusion, I still love the outfit.

First thing, I caught up with Craig and gave him the gift I’d brought just for him – a dastardly implement I heard several experienced Tops describe as “the most diabolical thing” they had ever seen. Right, I didn’t like it either. That’s why I gifted it to Craig, so that he could share the “joy” of it with others, provided he can talk anyone into trying it!

There were numerous vendors this year. I wasn’t looking to make any purchases, but I was able to serve as a test-bottom for a few friends considering new implements. Overall, I had a marvelous time at the Vendor Fair, another chance to greet friends, exchange hugs, catch up, and meet new people.

After the Vendor Fair wound down, I headed up to Joe’s suite party. He had a well-organized party – music, food, and drinks. Somehow I found myself over Miss Chris’s lap being spanked to the tune “YMCA” – thanks, Russ, for throwing me under that bus. She reads me so well and, damn, can she spank! I do not think I’ll ever hear that song the same way again!

I finished the night with a fun scene across Craig’s lap in one of the suite’s bedrooms, intermittently watching the show being put on by the spanking video stars next to us. I’m still not sure if that was a scene or a demo, but it was mildly entertaining. Craig was not nearly as entertained by my distraction, so he set about proving (or trying to prove) that he had not worn his hand out on Erica and Beth earlier. Even so, it was a pleasant way to end a wonderful day.


  1. I'm glad I could contribute to the start of your fun weekend. That party play on the bed next to the video couple was fun. And thanks for the implement. 1/4" thick rubber tubing is quite a dastardly implement. According to Miss Chris during the Vendor Fair it was "...the most diabolical implement in the room." And now I'm the proud owner of it! I'll be sure to use it on you in the future!

  2. Sounds like you had a memorable time. Welcome back !


  3. I think you rather missed the point of the gift, Craig. You're supposed to find someone ELSE to use it on!

    And thanks, Rich. After a wild couple months, I am back and making writing a priority again.