Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shadow Lane - Part 2 (and I'm back!)

After taking nearly 3 months off from blogging, I feel compelled to finish my party report and give a brief explanation of my absence before I take up writing again. I am finally feeling well enough that, despite having far too many balls in the air, I feel like I can make writing a priority again.

I got a slow start Saturday, sleeping in and catching up with friends. I had special plans for the evening, so I spent the calmer hours of the day chatting and relaxing. Craig wrote about it briefly, but the big formal dinner on Saturday is always hard for me. Last year, I was an absolute disaster before the evening was over.

There is something about the Saturday night dinner that evokes all the worst memories of prom and junior high dances for me. I have a sister, who is ten years older, who loved having a "daughter" and living dress-up doll. She and my mother would select a dress, which was always reasonably flattering and fashionable (I was a child of the 80's, what can I say?). And my sister would apply makeup and do my hair. But I was a tomboy - utterly unsure what to do in a dress, bothered by makeup on my face, unable to play with my complicated up-do, and rendered uncomfortable in my own skin.

Although I've grown to love swirling skirts and beautiful dresses, learned to apply my own minimal makeup, and mastered a few hair-styles, I cannot be comfortable at a "prom". I do, however, love to dress up and go out to dinner and a show. So Craig and I did that instead, wandering down to the Strip for a night out.

Paradoxically, avoiding the main party Saturday evening put me in the party mood for the rest of the night. I had a great scene with Craig when we got back to the hotel. Exchanging rapid-fire texts with Katy-Lynn, I arranged to meet her in one of the party suites. But by the time I got to the suite, she had disappeared over someone's lap. Instead, I found her sweet husband, who she had so rudely abandoned. Before I knew what was happening, I was over his lap for a lovely, long spanking. Katy-Lynn joined us and soon took my place.

I had the great fortune to catch one of my "fantasy" tops, who was in the first spanking video I ever saw. Watching him spank Erica Scott (who may have set the standard for everything I wanted to BE as a bottom in the scene - smart, witty, gorgeous and fun) was a defining moment in my kink life. Getting to play with him was, as always, awesome! It isn't just the fantasy aspect of it, he's quite good too.

Soon after that, I got a text from Indy offering to "pimp me out" to her friend, Mr. A. Without exchanging much more than cursory greetings, he had me bent over a chair for a strapping. Or a caning. I'm absolutely sure he used both, more than one cane, in fact. And I remember marveling at his skill with both implements. But like any scene that gets me flying so high, the details are fuzzy. Add a couple months time, and I cannot begin to recreate the scene. Suffice it to say that the scene was amazing and I hope to get another opportunity to play with him.

I floated off to bed. I wasn't feeling well Sunday morning and I had to postpone, and eventually cancel, several scenes I had really been looking forward to all weekend. Thinking I run afoul of one of my food allergies, I expected to recover quickly. Instead, I would recover enough to eat and promptly get sick again for the rest of the weekend, and, unfortunately, the next six weeks or so. Doctor's visits, lab work, gastroenterologist appointments, and more invasive tests have filled the past few months. I am finally improving - I've managed to recover the weight lost and stabilize my weight. I'm not quite 100% and I still have far too many things going on in my vanilla life, but I'm making an effort to reconnect (if you've sent me an email or message on FetLife and I haven't responded - send me another one) and I'm making my writing a priority again. Here's hoping.


  1. I hope that you are feeling better from the ordeal of the last couple of months.

    Thank you for sharing the last few scenes with us, it is sad you were not well for the rest of the weekend.

  2. Nice to see you wrap things up from Vegas and glad to see you writing again