Sunday, September 16, 2012

Better late...

Better late than never, isn't that what everyone says? In the year since the last Shadowlane party, my life has seen some pretty big changes (and not just going from four or more parties a year to the single one - at least that I expect to change back). Even managing to fit Shadowlane into my schedule this year was a challenge, but Shadowlane is such an integral part of my kink.

I've wanted to attend an Shadowlane party since the time I first clicked past the "Yes, I am 18" button on their website. And no, I wasn't; I've never been particularly good at following rules. My first tantalizing glimpse of spanking as a valid interest was there. My first spanking videos would follow, a few years later. And four and a half years ago, my first spanking party was Shadowlane. Several spanking parties and countless spanking partners later, it is only fitting that if I could only go to one party in the year, it was this one.

But this wasn't a typical spanking party for me. In all those life changes, the lap surfer has disappeared. I'll explore those changes in future blogs. If you're looking for a colorful description of multiple scenes, you'll have to look elsewhere. But regardless of those changes, I had a great party.

I got in Friday afternoon. My ride was stuck in Chicago (or Atlanta or somewhere) and I landed 15 minutes after the shuttle to the hotel (thus nearly 2 hours before the next one), so I took a public bus to the casino. $2! And it was a lovely new bus, with an express route, with our hotel as the last stop. I was quite pleased.

Katy-Lynn caught up with me as I checked into the hotel, and graciously kept me company while I unpacked. I soon wandered up to Indy's suite, where I met Mija and Paul, who would later take me on a grocery run. I also met Paul Allen for the second time, but had to run out to stock up the room before we had a chance to play.

By the time I got back with supplies for the room, Craig had arrived! He snuck up on me in the casino and helpfully took several bags up to our room. We only had to return to the car for a second trip (I had been contemplating three or four trips to retrieve all my purchases). We had time to put away the snacks and enjoy a quick welcome spanking before we were getting ready for the vendor's fair.

I went with a half-naughty school girl (picture above) for the Back to School theme. As always, the vendor's fair provided the perfect opportunity to greet old friends and make new ones. I couldn't begin to list everyone I was thrilled to see, for fear of leaving out half of those people. Finally, Jada arrived and we soon retired to our room for a quiet night of conversation.

Saturday morning, we tried the buffet...and loved it! I have no idea why I've never been there before. There was such an assortment of food that I was easily able to find something the was both safe for me to eat (stupid food allergies) and appetizing. Afterwards, we spent a lovely hour or two at the pool, safely hidden in the shade.

Jada and I went up the the SSNY party, which was in full swing by the time we got there. I was able to talk to a few friend there despite the crowd. Then they started showing videos in one of the bedrooms, so we all piled in for a video viewing. Even sitting on the floor in a crowded room, the SSNY videos were worth watching!

Craig, Jada, and I snuck out for an early dinner at P.F. Changs (see food allergies above) before the Saturday night dinner. We got back in plenty of time to join Indy in saving two tables for a large group of friends. We didn't eat much, but we had a great time talking to everyone. After dinner, Craig and I danced to a few songs before we retreated to change for the rest of the evening.

I had made plans to play with Paul Allen, who last year gave me such a wonderful strapping and caning that I literally went skipping back to my room in a cloud of bliss last year, so Craig and I went up to Indy's suite for that appointment. Mr. Allen exceeded my expectations and restored my confidence (I had totally wimped out on a scene with Craig earlier in the afternoon after swimming. I blame my wet bottom for that!). He and Craig switched places, and he provided Craig with a few pointers on giving a more effective strapping. A mixed blessing, certainly.

We enjoyed more conversation and Craig gave me a lovely handspanking over his knee before we retired for the night. The next morning, Craig and I left the hotel in search of chicken and waffles, which we had read about on Yelp. What we found had nothing on Rosco's...I know what I want when I get to L.A.! In a remarkably well-planned, last-minute adventure (we bought sunscreen and applied it to every inch of my exposed skin before we set out, which can only be accredited to Craig), Craig and I decided to walk the three miles back to the hotel. It was hot, but it was a great opportunity to catch up. And we found a nature trail along the way that, with an off-trail trek through a canyon, cut some distance off our walk. But this diversion caused us to miss Spanking Dave's famous Court.

Jada met us for a bit more catching up, before we managed to chase Craig out so that I could prepare for his surprise birthday party. Having convinced him to go gambling, we had to sneak through the casino to her car and race to the grocery store for a cake and other supplies. She dropped me off at the door and I raced back through the casino, hoping Craig wouldn't spot me carting several bags through the casino when I was supposed to be "catching up on girl talk" with Jada in the room. Several texts and hasty preparations later, I had a surprise party.

And Craig was surprised! This was particularly important to me because my earlier attempt to plan a surprise party with his daughters had failed rather spectacularly. And that man is hard to surprise! But we had a lovely party, complete with birthday spanking (that is, him spanking all the bottoms in attendance at the party, of course) - you can read more about that on his blog.

Jada, Craig and I headed out for dinner. We were met fortuitously in the hallway by Erica and John (who had slept through the surprise party), who joined us for dinner. We followed dinner with an incredibly special scene with Michael & Kate. Then we were off to the pajama party, finishing our night in Indy's suite again.

Monday was a day of tearful goodbyes and hugs, broken up by an entertaining lunch at T.G.I. Fridays. Incredibly, this was the only time I ate at Fridays all weekend - it's such a party staple. Before I knew it, I was on the shuttle with a group of fellow spankos, talking about parties and spanking and 50 Shades (ugh) all the way to the airport.


  1. It was a wonderful party weekend. It was great hanging with our friends, particularly Jada and her triumphant return to SL!

    Your surprise party was indeed wonderful You totally floored me. How often am I left stammering, anyway?

    Great report!

    1. I've managed that a few times, love. It was amazing to spend the weekend with you.

  2. Thanks for sharing your SL memories and the cute picture, Lizzie! Your picture on Craig's blog was very sexy, too. :-)

    1. Thank you, Kaelah. Craig took both pictures.