Tuesday, November 6, 2012


At the end of every yoga class, the instructor guides the class into shavasana - a deep state of relaxation. Recently, one of my instructors included guided imagery, instructing us to visualize our "peaceful place." She gave the common examples: a sandy beach, a quiet forest, a peaceful meadow, a secluded mountaintop.

As happens frequently when I participate in such visualization, I retreat not to a geographic place but to a very specific "peaceful place." My special place? The length of my body pressed against Craig, my cheek buried in the hollow of his shoulder, at least one of his arms around me. He calms me. When we are together, I feel as though my soul has found its other half and no longer needs to search for something missing. It's an amazing feeling that I still struggle to describe.

The instructor went on to ask us to add details, suggesting a variety of things we might try. I moved the image/feeling of Craig and I around, putting us on a beach, forest, meadow, and mountaintop. But I finally found myself with Craig in a hot air ballon over Napa Valley, which is one of my favorite memories.

But the very best part of this visualization? When Craig got home from work and I was able to hug him, press my cheek against his shoulder, and melt into him. I haven't found time to write much here about our kink since moving - you can read about it on our joint blog or on Craig's blog (and I will get around to writing about it here eventually), but the best part of our lives together isn't ruled by our play. The best part is being together, enjoying the gift of one another's company and love each day.

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