Sunday, February 13, 2011

Obadiah's Journey (chapter 3)

The appearance of two figures on one of the temporary screens startled Obadiah, but he wasted no time clicking his computer program into action.  Despite his failure to identify the mystery pair, Obadiah felt some satisfaction that his final computer project worked seamlessly.  The other guard on duty failed to notice the single flicker as the screen changed from a current display to one Obadiah had recorded previously, the current activity transferred to a video file on his laptop.

Thanks to Obadiah’s search for the “notorious Senator”, he had heard the gossip about the construction area the pair had selected for this nighttime adventure.  The year’s elections had caused major upheaval, requiring that office spaces be totally reassigned.  The Senate minority had been assigned this area in the basement, which was still under construction.

Earlier attempts to paint the sandstone foundation had gone poorly; the living stone rejected the paint in many of the earlier reconstructions.  Instead, the Senate Minority Leader had decided to embrace the dungeon like appearance of the basement quarters the party had been given.  The room this pair had selected even had eye-bolts screwed into the sandstone in various locations.  The cameras had only been installed temporarily in the offices due to various allegations of fraud in the construction. Obadiah had a wealth of gossipy information, but he was no closer to identifying the Senator.