Monday, March 28, 2011

Brittanic Honeymoon (Part 2)

Craig has posted the second part of our collaborative fiction - Brittanic Honeymoon - here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Note: We might, at some point, even decide how we are spelling the ship name. But I wouldn't count on it, considering that my spelling method involves frequent use of the editorial comment: "but spelled properly."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Brittanic Honeymoon

This is the first chapter in my collaborative story with Craig. You can expect to read the next installment on his blog in about a week. The usual disclaimers apply to this fictional story.

Alec swung his carryall into the shuttle’s overhead storage with an ease that came from frequent travel, locking his bag into place with a practiced jerk. His eyes slid from his bag to the open spot beside it, then dropped to the floor where his new wife had left her bag. Rolling his eyes, he heaved her bag into place. Unlike the overhead compartment of an atmosphere airplane, the shuttle accepted only standard bags that latched into the open storage area. Positioned side-by-side, the bags were as much of a contrast as the couple themselves. Kelsey’s bag was brand new, a vivid deep purple with sparkling silver and gold flecks. Alec’s bag was well traveled, a businessman’s solid navy blue.

Kelsey gave him a bright smile and a quiet, “Thank you, love.” Despite her frequent travels, she bounced about her seat like a child taking her first flight off-planet, leaning forward to inspect the safety card and playing with every button she could reach. Alec gave her an indulgent smile as he settled in next to her. Her excitement was understandable; they had settled for a simple wedding, indulging in a lengthy space-cruise for their honeymoon. Although the pair traveled extensively, together and singly, neither had found time for a cruise before.

He fastened the safety harness into place and picked up the Sky Mall magazine, a tradition that had followed from atmospheric flight to shuttles. Sensing the shift of his attention, Kelsey folded a knee beneath her and pushed up to look around the small cabin. No other passengers had boarded their section yet, so as Kelsey slid back into her seat, she pushed up the armrest that separated them. One hand slipped innocently down to his thigh, her other hand easily guided his finger into her mouth. Her eyes locked on him, she slowly began fellating his finger.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Upcoming Collaboration

Craig and I have decided to try writing a collaborative spanking story. You can read his description of it here.

I'll post the first chapter tomorrow, and he'll post the next installment in about a week.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Inspired by Lunargirl's post - What's Really in a Name? - I've been thinking about honorific titles (things like sir, ma'am, master, and so forth), both  in the scene and in my vanilla life.

I wasn't raised to say "sir" or "ma'am"; no such honorific was ever required of me. The difference between Miss/Ms./Mrs. was  forced upon me by an influential teacher. To this day, I'm amused by Miss (it makes me feel innocent and young), annoyed by Ms. (from anyone who knows my marital status), and tolerant of Mrs. In all cases, I'd rather the person used my first name anyway. Somewhat embarrassingly, I've even introduced myself by first name only in a professional context (an interview...and no, I didn't get that job).

I have a tendency, in my vanilla life, to use "sir" to deflect anger and disappointment. Perhaps because I live in the conservative midwest, where such curtesy is neither expected nor demanded...the occasional "sir" has always served me well. I was the sort of child who drove my teachers (primarily female) to annoyance, but could talk any principal (all male) down just as quickly. The simple addition of "sir" works just as well as an adult. As well as it works, I'm a little self-concious about it now as a result of the scene because I don't want anyone in my vanilla, professional life to think I'm submissive.

"Ma'am," on the other hand, is hard for me in a scene. I don't use it in my vanilla life...not ever. And being required to do so in a scene can heighten the impact of the power play for me; provided, of course, I have the sort of relationship with the Top which would support such a thing.

Oddly enough, I can get the same power-exchange response, if you will, from a male Top who hates being called "sir" as from a female Top who requires me to call her "ma'am". I suppose it is simply the internal effort of doing something that does not come naturally to me.

That said, so-called honorific titles like "master" or "mistress" rub me the wrong way. I not only won't use them, I'll write off anyone who insists upon them.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Impatience (Xavier and Maddie)

This story is part of a new series - Xavier and Maddie are lovers who engage in all sorts of spanking play. This story is dedicated to my lover, who provides endless inspiration and support. The normal disclaimers apply.

“Can we go yet?”

Xavier looked up from his MacBook to find Maddie all but jumping with impatience. Standing beside his desk, she was wearing a scoop-necked t-shirt with the words It’s a good thing I’m into you, because otherwise it would be awkward printed across her chest, tight jeans, and her scuffed Sketchers. He rolled his eyes, “You’re acting like an impatient four-year old.”

“I am not!” She crossed her arms and pouted ineffectually at him.

Xavier raised an eyebrow, glaring at her as she proved his point. She sighed theatrically, attempting to distract him with her heaving chest, but this worked no better than her previous ploys.

“You can stand in the corner until you’re ready to act like an adult.”