Monday, May 16, 2011

Brittanic Honeymoon (Part 8)

Craig has posted the next chapter of our collaborative work of fiction here. Kelsey and Alec are celebrating their honeymoon on a romantic space cruise, and we've finally gotten to the "wedding night." Enjoy!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Longest 17 1/2 Minutes of My Life

First, a disclaimer: This "scene" was part of an arrangement with Craig, the one person who truly sees me. I don't play D/s games lightly or casually. I enjoy playing and getting spanked for silly reasons, including timely bratting, but this deeper stuff isn't a dynamic I look for in most of my spanking encounters. We had the opportunity to play this out at Boardwalk Badness, but it was totally unlike my normal party play. This post is more about my feelings - before, during, and after - rather than a party report.

It has been a very long time since anyone has managed to tell me NO. I was a smart, precocious child with three significantly older siblings. My family jokes that I was a teenager at age three, and I might have acted like one. But I distinctly remember telling my mother, when I was eight, that she could pack her bags, but I wasn't going on that guilt trip. And I proceeded to explain exactly how she was trying to manipulate me into doing the dishes...and why that shit wasn't going to fly with me anymore.

So as I navigate the intricacies of D/s and play with a "disciplinarian" type relationship, there are issues. I can be manipulative and bratty. I cannot be beaten into submission - I like being spanked too much for that. Many iconic punishments get either an eye roll or a "yes, please" from me. We've had our moments, certainly - punishments that didn't work, mind-fucks that have gone horribly wrong. But we talk through them and work things out. This was the first "physical" punishment that worked. And that's a big deal for me.

He gets me.

This punishment was simple - 10 minutes of "special" corner time, he said. I hadn't any idea what that meant, but I can do anything for 10 minutes, right?


Even when he described it, it sounded slightly ridiculous. Hold a quarter against the mirror with my nose and a credit card between my knees. By the time he settled on the bed to relax and watch me, he set the timer for 9 minutes.

As you might have guessed from the title, after 7 1/2 minutes, I lost it. I dropped the quarter. I don't know what happened, but the quarter fell to the floor.

Back in position, the timer started over. This time, he insisted I stop looking at him in the mirror "for comfort." How the hell did he know that's exactly what I was doing? Nevermind...he gets me.

With less than three minutes left, the quarter started to slip. I was sure I was going to drop it again. And equally sure that this wasn't going to get any easier. He talked me through it.

Seventeen and a half minutes. I was sobbing and shaking harder than I do after the harshest scene. He held me, reassured me. I was his good girl again - an incredibly powerful thing for me.

Would someone tell him to simply beat me next time? Please?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boardwalk Badness Weekend (Sunday/Monday)

I woke up uncharacteristically early on Sunday morning, a good thing since I had agreed to meet Miss Chris for breakfast but forgotten to set an alarm. We were able to meet in the coffee shop in the hotel and catch up. We didn't have a chance to play this weekend, but sometimes talking is just as important. I caught up with Jada and Craig for a coffee (tea for me!) run before CP Court started.

As always, Strict Dave put on an awesome CP Court. It's so much fun to watch! The only charges I had thought to bring were against the Honorable Strict Dave - you can read about the incident here - and I'd decided that asking him to recuse might be too complicated. Or too hazardous to my backside, whichever. Instead, I was able to watch and enjoy the show.

We went in search of food again; this time ending up at the Rainforest Cafe. Craig, ever thoughtful (or giving in to my childish pleading) picked up the children's activity books and crayons for Jada and I. I spent the entire time coloring, and not finishing, a single picture. There is a bit of a repressed artist inside me and an OCD one at that. Jada was far more creative, completing a hilarious story about her healthy eating habits (which included lots of chocolate, ice cream, and everything she is allergic to) and frequent exercise (which included fighting with me).

Though Jada and I don't fight - I've mentioned before how we make such excellent roommates - we did discover (or rediscover, perhaps) a love of wrestling and resistance play. The weekend was sprinkled with such impromptu scenes with Criag. It's a change from typical party play, which tends to be along the lines of dive over a willing lap, but it added variety to the weekend. Of course, it's not something I would engage in with any random top, but with someone I know well and trust? Great fun.

After lunch, I caught up with ColoDom for a great scene. We have an awesome dynamic, as long as I plan ahead and remember not to wear pink panties! He doesn't put up with any of my bullshit logic, which really makes it fun. I do love a Top that I can't argue circles around!

Jada, Craig and I had opted out of the harbor cruise that evening. Instead we found dinner (I talked them into returning to the BBQ place with the amazing sweet potato fries) and enjoyed a quiet evening catching up with occasional wrestling matches. When the harbor cruise returned, we headed upstairs for one last night of suite parties.

I was lucky to catch second scene with both C and Glenn - Sunday night is the perfect time for such things. No longer worried about "saving my bottom for the weekend," I can simply play. I may have enjoyed the conversation and laughter with other bottoms on the bed just as much as the spanking (I really cannot be blamed for enjoying banter and discussion with ColoDom's delightful wife, can I?), something that Glenn in particular took exception to (I can't imagine why, though it may have had something to do with the fact that I was laughing through his spanking). He promised that I would have something to remember for my trip home and lit into my backside with a strap.

He was right. When Jada and I flopped into our seats on the first leg of our flights home, I sat on the seatbelt. Not a big deal, this happens all the time. But even after I had fastened the seatbelt about my waist ("low and tight around my hips"...I do follow directions occasionally), I still felt as though I was sitting on the uneven surface of the seatbelt. Ghost seatbelts...or the ghost of one heck of a strapping from Glenn.

Craig and I managed one last scene that night - the sort of short, intense scene that caps a weekend perfectly for me. It was the kind of scene I'm only comfortable engaging in with him - fast and harsh, but he reads me so well. I've a few scattered bruises from that adventure, but it's a wonderful reminder of a weekend well spent.

Overall, an awesome, incredible weekend. My apologies to anyone I've left out due to my failure to get permission to include you on my blog before the weekend was over. And a special thanks to everyone I had the opportunity to play with! So many amazing people attended, making this party the best yet!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Brittanic Honeymoon (Part 7)

This is an ongoing collaboration between myself and Craig. You can read Craig's summary and part 6 here, or you can find links to all the previous chapters on the Brittanic Honeymoon tab on my blog.

Kelsey quickly locked the door when Alec left. She pressed cool hands against her heated cheeks, frustrated with his ability to disconcert her. When her hands warmed, she rinsed them with cool water and repeated her efforts until her face returned to its natural shade. Eager as she was to return to the festivities, she took a few extra minutes putting herself together. This was certain to be a unique experience.

Alec was waiting patiently in the lobby, looking entirely at ease. Kelsey felt warmth rush to her cheeks at the sight of him and cursed her pale skin. He smiled at her, that secret expression that conveyed so much between them. He knew what she thought and felt, almost as though he could read her mind, and he loved her for it. He extended his arm to her, a courtesy she accepted naturally.

Again they made their way through the sparkling lights and glittering crowd. The group of kinksters had reformed after the first few dances completed, a few new couples joining them.

“Shall we take a walk in the gardens?” Ronald asked, his utterly polite suggestion conveying an unspoken command. “I’ve arranged for a somewhat private spot,” he continued, “So that we can get to know one another. No protocol tonight, just introductions.”

The Mardi-Gras couple led the others through the ballroom and across an area decorated as an outdoor terrace. Ronald continued down a short flight of steps into the gardens. As they wound through the grounds, Kelsey reached out curiously to touch the plants. A combination of live greenery and holographic additions created the spectacular gardens.

Eventually, they passed between enormous bushes and entered a curious clearing. Though it appeared to be merely a clearing in the midst of the gardens, Alec could see the special effects that created the mirage out of a small room. The walls used advanced holographic screens to extend the garden around them, including a bandstand in which projected musicians tuned their instruments. Having found the note, or after the computer noticed the presence of the group, the band started a classic song.

Ronald nodded politely to Alec and bowed to Kelsey, “Would you do me the honor?”

Kelsey glanced at Alec. At his nod, she took Ronald’s proffered arm and the pair spun into the center of the clearing. Alec approached another of the ladies and the group was soon engaged in the ancient formal dance, exchanging partners following the strict rules of the dance. Each swap of partners gave them a few minutes to assess one another, to exchange a few words of greeting or discussion with the easy opportunity to focus on the complicated steps if the conversation was uncomfortable.

Several dance sets later, the group scattered to the edges of the room for refreshments. The music switched from rousing dance music to quieter music that allowed easy conversation.

Alec and Kelsey found one another and drifted over to the hosting couple to chat. Ronald and Helena were interesting for more than just the potential zero-g play. The couple played gracious hosts, familiar with the intricacies of space-cruises and the kinksters who took such trips. They promised to keep Alec and Kelsey informed of upcoming events and possible excursions.

Alec led Kelsey over to a young woman who appeared to be nearly the same age as Kelsey, “This is Claire, love. Claire, my wife, Kelsey.”

Claire wore a striking red gown that complimented her smooth skin and elaborately decorated blond hair. Her hand clutched a bit tighter at her partner’s arm, just the tiniest show of shyness. “And this is my husband, Jaran.”

“Pleased to meet you both,” Kelsey said easily, though she bit her lip even as she smiled. There was always that moment of awkwardness, when couples met, with so many potential relationships and feelings to consider. She adjusted her grip on Alec’s hand, squeezing his thumb to tell him that her initial reaction was favorable.

They chatted for a few minutes. Claire and Jaran were new to the scene, but interested in trying new things. They exchanged contact information and drifted apart.

Alec and Kelsey made their way around the room, introducing one another to the more interesting individuals they had met dancing. They were able to express their initial reactions and a few other responses through the simple code they had developed, though they could tell one another’s responses fairly well from other body language. They would discuss the options in detail later, but it helped to meet everyone.

A few of the couples left, singly or in pairs. Kelsey looked longingly after one of the couples until Alec noticed. “Are you ready for our wedding night, love?” He whispered softly in her ear.

“Yes, please!” Kelsey said brightly, though Alec could hear the undertone of fatigue in her voice.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boardwalk Badness Weekend (Saturday)

Once again, going to bed early did not translate into waking up early. Sometimes looking back at a party I see a blur of talking, playing, eating and sleeping with very little downtime. But I suppose that's why I keep going back!

Jada and I had put together special costumes for Saturday morning. We weren't participating in the Tanner Reformatory scene this year, but we showed up in our school uniforms...just from a different magical school. We had created HP-themed costumes, complete with gray skirts, knee socks, button-down shirts, blue and silver ties, school sweaters, and robes. After the amusing Tanner Reformatory skit, we made the most of our outfits with an HP-themed roleplay that we had been planning for some time. The dashing Professor Strapp, with his matching blue and silver bow-tie, made certain we regretted our misbehavior in his class. Except, well...this student would probably do it all over again, including every last bit of sassy commentary regardless of the consequences.

Again we went in search of allergen friendly food options, but returned to the evening party in time to visit with friends while they ate dinner. Craig participated in the Talent Show - you can read his report here - with me as his sacrificial bottom. I got my first ever spanking from a spanking machine, which was enough to cure me of any spanking machine fantasies I might have had. Give me a wonderful, warm human being anytime! But the winner's comedy routine? Absolutely amazing! Totally deserving of the prize (whatever that was, I must admit I wasn't paying that much attention by that time).

One of the unique things about the SSNY party is the private play areas available at the evening parties. These curtained off cubicles allow for private play without leaving the ballroom, which is a really great option. I was able to catch up and play with several people, including Glenn, Craig, and Fineous, before heading up to the suite parties. And as you're beginning to guess by now - an early bedtime for this girl!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Boardwalk Badness Weekend (Friday)

If I thought going to bed somewhat early Thursday night would allow me to wake up early on Friday, I was wrong. (Why doesn't the time difference work both ways? I have to go to bed early AND wake up late?) I woke up anxiously awaiting the arrival of my roommate and good friend, Jada. She had flown all night to meet us in Atlantic City. That time between Shadowlane and Boardwalk Badness felt like an eternity this year! We caught up with Craig over lunch, meeting several friends along the way. It begins to feel like a party when you notice that you recognize several people walking down the Boardwalk or eating in a restaurant.

At the Happy Hour Registration, I was able to catch up with so many party friends that I cannot begin to list them for fear of leaving several people out. One of the best parts of Boardwalk Badness is the number of casual events with time to talk to old friends and meet new ones. I was especially glad to catch up with Brad and get the chance to sneak away to play, because he was cutting his party short due to other commitments. We always have such a wonderful time!

Jada and I, with our myriad of food allergies, were forced to venture outside the party for dinner. SSNY provides excellent food, but we simply aren't able to enjoy it. Instead, we gathered a group and went to a BBQ place inside a neighboring casino. While most of the group stopped to shop at the taffy store, Ty and I slipped off for a scene before the evening spanking party. It was great to catch up over dinner and get the chance to play. The perfect prelude to the spanking party to follow.

Somehow, I'd gotten myself volunteered into the Vendor's Contest as one of the Tanner Reformatory Pajama Girls. I do not know how I get myself talked into such things - I'm totally the opposite of a natural salesperson. But some of the girls suggested offering to allow buyers to try out their new purchase on our bottoms...turns out I can ask someone to spank me. And whatever you've heard about the outfits, the pajamas were "cute" enough that I got several requests to wear them for later scenes - all of which I politely declined.

Despite my best efforts and those of my teammates, we lost. I think there are two explanations for this: (1) we were too busy actually selling things to get our sales counted, and (2) we didn't cheat as well as the other team. The losing team was spanked on stage for 30 seconds. I was "lucky" enough to get Strict Dave as my top. (I do consider myself lucky, even if the man's got an iron hand.) More luck followed when the timekeeper lost the stopwatch, or some such nonsense. It was fun to play with Dave, even for such a brief scene.

After the on-stage spanking, Mike Tanner lined the seven of us up for another spanking, this time with the Licking Stick. There was something about picking a number, but we didn't pick well as a team. Should have listened to Aurora on that one! That Licking Stick is painful!

Soon enough, the vendor's fair was closing down and we were headed up to the suites for more conversation, slipping away for a few scenes. But still being on CST, and being the sort who turns into a pumpkin early in the evening to begin with, I turned in early again.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Boardwalk Badness Weekend (Thursday)

Thinking that I would write and post anything so soon after I got home was obviously over-ambitious on my part. Coming home, on a high from a party, I always forget how quickly drop will hit me...and hit hard.

Weather delays made travel on Thursday hectic at best. I made my connection in Nashville only due to luck. Although I was originally to remain on the plane for a 2 o'clock departure, we were kicked off the plane due to the length of the delay going into Philadelphia. When I got off the plane, the flight boards said that my flight was delayed until 4:15. I sat down to have lunch in a cafĂ©. The music was loud enough that I couldn’t hear any flight announcements, a fact that I did not notice until later.

Just after getting my food, I noticed that the woman at the table next to me cursing at her iPhone. Usually, I would ignore such behavior but I looked over at her. She immediately explained that her flight was supposed to leave at 2, but had been delayed to 4:15, and she had just gotten a text saying that the flight was boarding. I asked if she was going to Philadelphia…of course she was. Suddenly, instead of having two hours to enjoy my lunch, I was scrambling to get my check, pay for my lunch, and get back to my gate.

I managed to get on the plane on time, but I was somewhat scattered. A vaguely familiar man sat next to me on the plane. He asked where I was headed and I answered, “Philadelphia.” He appeared startled, which seemed odd to me considering that the plane was headed there. But when he responded to my return question with “Atlantic City,” I began to wonder. Such curiosity did not keep me from falling asleep, however, and I spent the flight catching up on my sleep. (As usual, I had left my packing until the last minute and stayed up far too late the night before.)

Just before we landed, we began making small talk again. He mentioned that he had seen my frantic flight from the restaurant in Nashville, which made me wonder if I had really made a fool of myself. He again mentioned that he was going to Atlantic City. When I asked what was in Atlantic City he said, “Oh, I’m…getting together…with some...friends.”

Universal code, right? As you might have guessed, I ran into him the next day at the hotel. As it was, I hurried off the plane to make arrangements to get to Atlantic City. I got in too late for registration that night, but I was able to catch up with Craig over dinner. We played a bit and I turned into a pumpkin, as I am inclined to do entirely too early in the evening.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Delays and other excuses

I've just gotten home from a wonderful weekend in Atlantic City, at Boardwalk Badness. I'll begin posting my party report tomorrow night...and I'll get the next chapter of Britannic Honeymoon posted next week.