Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HD - A short story

If you haven't read the other HoloDeck should!  That said, the HoloDeck series explores sex and BDSM in a fantasy world where nothing goes wrong, and if it does, they have sci-fi level medical care available.  I find that sort of thing fun and titillating.  Your mileage may vary.  This is a single scene Macy/Colin story. It is unabashedly sexual.  If that sort of thing bothers you, skip this one.

Macy was naked but for the silk and leather color around her neck.  Colin had grown so fond of these slave scenes, Macy thought irritably, that he would do well to buy her a collar to wear outside the HoloDeck.  Macy forced her attention to her surroundings.

She stood in a lushly appointed bed chamber.  Rich tapestries covered the walls, depicting scenes of fantastic sexual adventures.  Plush carpeting covered the floor.  An enormous four-poster bed dominated the room, surrounded by heavy velvet drapes and made up with silk sheets.  Two chairs flanked a small table set under an enormous window.

Macy fingered the collar.  A pleasure slave, then, but a pampered slave.  Macy sat on one of the chairs, sinking into the rich upholstery.  An open journal sat on the table.  Macy checked the date out of habit and flipped through the journal.  Her handwriting filled the pages with graphic details of her lord’s visits.

She squirmed in her chair, her pussy uncomfortably wet.  But it was impossible to set the journal aside.  She slid her fingers down to play with her clit as she read.

“This is what my little one gets up to while I’m away?”  Colin appeared silently beside her.  He wore only a robe, his hair wet from bathing.

“I’m sorry, my lord.”  Macy leapt to her feet.

“No apologies, little one.”  He kissed her, hard.  One arm pulled her tight to him, his other hand slipping between them.  His fingers thrust hard into her wet pussy, fucking her.

She whimpered when he pulled away, but he pushed her hard against the wall, a hand behind her head.  He brushed his robe aside and thrust roughly into her.

“Is that what you wanted, little one?” he growled out as he pumped in and out of her.

“Yes, my lord.  Please.  Take me.”  Her hips thrust against him, her back arched, her body pressed against his.  She came hard and fast, her muscles clenching painfully around him.

“Now that was very naughty, little one!” Colin pulled himself away slightly, glaring at her, “The other, well, I’ll not begrudge you for how you entertain yourself when I’m away.”  A hand stroked her cheek, “But this?”

“I’m sorry, my lord.”  Macy took great gulping breaths, startled by the strength of her orgasm.  She nestled her forehead into the hollow of his shoulder, “Are you going to punish me?”

“Yes, little one.  Lean over the bed for me.  Legs spread, that’s right.  Stretch your hands out to the other side of the bed.  Good girl, arch your back and present your naughty bottom for me.  Nice.”

A heavy leather strap thudded across her bottom.  Macy arched into it, giving her bottom up to him for correction.  The thudding pain was somehow remote after her orgasm, sending pleasant vibrations into her pussy.  Macy held her position easily, only straining to present herself more fully, to open her body to his correction.

“I don’t think this is getting through to you,” Colin tossed the heavy strap to the floor and took up a cane instead.  The sharp pain shattered through Macy, bringing a cry to her lips.  Her body strained, but she held her position.  Colin struck rapidly and hard, hardly giving her a chance to recover between strokes.  White lines appeared on her skin, then red welts.

He laid the welts on evenly, close spaced parallel lines from the fullest part of her bottom to mid-thigh.  Her whimpers teased Colin’s ears and he smiled his satisfaction.  He took a deep breath, rubbing the welts for a moment, letting her think he might be nearly finished.

But he drew back the cane and carelessly struck across the welts.  He laid on crisscrossing stripes, seemingly willy-nilly but actually quite balanced.  Her screamed echoed in the room.

He tossed the cane aside and thrust roughly into her, “Have you learned your lesson, little one?”

“Yes!  Please, my lord.  Please…”

“Quiet,” he ordered, fucking her hard.  His hips pounded into her tender bottom.  She kept her legs spread for him, her body his for the taking.  He reached beneath her, taking her breasts in his hands as he rocked into her.  She moaned and worked her hips against him, pushing hard, taking him deeper inside her.

He felt the muscles across her stomach clench, her breathing change.  He withdrew abruptly, “Did I give you permission, little one?”

“No.  My lord, no, please.  I want…”

“I know what you want, little bit.  Be a good girl now.”  He set his erection against her bottom hole, wet from her juices.  He pulled her bottom open, his hands squeezing the welts, digging into the pained flesh.  She moaned, wordlessly reaching back to hold herself open for him, offering herself.

He moved his hands to her hipbones, slowly pushing into her.  He gave a little sigh when he settled deep into her.  Then he began a slow thrusting, in and out, fucking her bottom.  His fingers reached around to her slit, teasing her.  His hips pressed against the welts.

“Now, you may come,” he panted, his fingers teasing her clit.  She ground against his hand, creating the sensation she needed.  When she clenched up, gasping, he let her go.  Her bottom spasmed around him, brining him to orgasm as well.

“Such a good girl!” Colin rolled off her regretfully.  “Looks like I need another bath, will you join me?”

Giggling, Macy pushed herself off the bed and strolled into the bathroom, her hips rolling seductively at him.

Friday, September 24, 2010

SL Party Report - Monday/Tuesday

By Monday, the party was wrapping up.  It seems like Monday was a blur of goodbye hugs and promises to email, only some of which I've followed up on because I'm terrible with that.  (If I owe you an email, please email me!)  This was the first party that I've stayed later than all my close friends, and saying goodbye proved to be very difficult.  I've decided it's far easier to leave a little early, saying goodbye to everyone at once and having your attention taken by getting to the airport, getting through security, and getting home before you have time to think about it.  Saying goodbye to each of my friends, individually, and watching them leave, was really difficult.

I won't go through all the individual goodbyes.  Those that I missed were nearly as hard as those I managed to hug goodbye.

I had a nice final scene with Craig.  Bittersweet, though, as we may not see one another until Boardwalk Badness in April.

I also managed to catch up with R, who I had missed at two parties running.  It was lovely to catch up.  He gave me a "good girl" spanking.  The perfect way to wind down a weekend like this.  It happened to fit both needs, as we were able to talk during the spanking.  We had a rather funny discussion about what any vanilla person would think, hearing us.  Our typical scenes last so much longer than any imaginable "spanking" - I cannot imagine what people think we are doing.  I've heard the sounds of smacking, from hotel rooms and hotel elevators, but I cannot dream what an unsuspecting vanilla might imagine.

At every party, there are a few discussions that stand out, this party was no different.  Along with the "what would vanillas imagine is going on" discussion, the following stand out:

  • Erica relating a story where she had impressed a top with her logic, to which she replied, "I think well off my feet."  I laughed until my side hurt, because I, too, think better OFF my feet than on.

  • At the SSNY suite party, I was explaining why I don't often play in truly public parties anymore.  The phenomenon where people approach me and say, "Hi, my name is...would you like to play?"  I'm embarrassed for these people!  There are those people who can say nothing more to me than "Would you like to play?", but those are people I have played with countless times!  I know that's impossible to know, but, really?

On the memorable scale, my return to the airport takes the cake.  First, I must thank Dave and Stacy, who graciously agreed to take me along on their early morning ride to the airport...I'm ever so grateful that I did not have to take a cab.  And they were, understandably, sleep deprived by our early departure.  But the story is simply too good to pass up.

After returning their rental car, we got a luggage cart.  Dave loaded their four bags onto the cart.  I offered to pull my own, because it rolls and I'm used to carting it around after me.  Dave insisted that it was no problem.  He put it on top of the bags, then stacked his own briefcase on top.  He assured me that it was his work laptop, he wouldn't let anything happen to it, so he wouldn't drop my bag.  I wasn't worried about my bag...which turns out to be a good thing.

From the rental car drop off to the airport, we had to go up an escalator.  Stacy and I had fallen some distance behind Dave, talking.  Dave bravely pushed the baggage cart onto the escalator, ignoring the signs prohibiting such an action.  You can imagine what happened at the top of the escalator.  The baggage cart got stuck, finally overturning.  Stacy and I tried to backstep down the escalator, but we were eventually force to tumble over our bags.  (I realized after that if I had simply turned around and walked down the escalator, I could have easily escaped this craziness.  But my mind doesn't function rationally in face of an impending disaster.)  An innocent bystander, texting on her phone while watching us, was nearly doubled over with laughter.  Luckily, we were all unhurt by the events, but I still have to decide if I should bring charges against Dave at the next CP Court.  I'd have to ask him to recuse, of course...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

SL Party Report - Sunday

It's a good thing I caught up on my sleep Saturday night, because Sunday was my busiest day.  Waking up fairly early, Jada and I decided to hit the pool.  Having learned from my experience Friday morning, we did not even attempt the water.  We simply sat on the side and enjoyed the sun (or in my case, the shade), talking and catching up on things.  Different friends would wander by to chat; it was a wonderful way to spend the morning.

When we returned to our room, we ran into a bit of trouble.  I thought I would wear the t-shirt I had changed into the night before, because I had worn it for less than 15 minutes before deciding that bed was a better plan.  But I couldn't find the darn thing!  To make matters worse, I couldn't find anything else I had been wearing the night jeans, no socks, no underthings...nothing.  Jada jumped in to help me look.  We've been roommates enough times now that she's familiar with my habits.  I was very frustrated, as I had gone to bed early and entirely sober, so I couldn't figure out what had happened.  I'm not sure which of us eventually found my clothes, neatly folded in a pile, which is something I don't do.  Craig, stopping by the night before to make sure I was alright, had (rather obsessively, to my mind) neatly folded the clothes I had left strewn about the room.  I suppose both of us assumed any FOLDED clothes weren't mine!

We ate brunch with a group of friends at the Cafe, in a disaster that lasted far too long and was beyond frustrating.  You can read Craig's account here, but I'm not reliving that horror of bad service myself.  I guess it was my day to search for lost items.  Instead of going to CP Court myself, I answered the text of a friend and helped search his room for a set of lost rental car keys.  Unfortunately, we had no luck finding the missing keys and he was forced to spend the rest of the day dealing with locksmiths and such.  I was sorry to miss CP Court, because that is always hilarious.  But helping friends is more important sometimes.

Katy-Lynn and I had arranged to do a roleplay with Rad that afternoon.  After some rapid texting and phone calls, KL came up with a scenario.  She decided we had stolen Rad's Diner's Club* card for a night of gambling.  I don't gamble, so KL admitted we might also have been drinking and picking up guys.  Rad was in character the moment we knocked on the door and he wasn't pleased with our antics!  I let KL do most of the talking, because it takes me a minute to get into a roleplay.  Bad idea.  Before I knew it, she had admitted that we'd spent $500, only $200 of which she had lost gambling.  To make up the shortfall, she decided I had not only been drinking with random guys at the bar, but I'd gotten a room** with one.  Rad demanded the guy's name.  Caught off guard, I shrugged it off.  I didn't know, didn't care, it was perfectly normal to get a room with some guy whose name I didn't know, right?  Yeah, not so much.  He rightly decided I was a sociopath, but that didn't stop him from spanking both of us!  Great scene, all around.

We shared many laughs afterward, once we got out of our roleplay headspace.  It was nearly as nice to catch up with Rad as it was to play with him.  The social aspect of parties, just getting the chance to talk to friends that are scattered across the country, is one of the less discussed pleasures of these events.

I returned with KL to her room.  We talked with her boyfriend, R, for a bit before we launched into a fun, lighthearted scene.  KL and I can play off one another, just verbally baiting whomever has the dubious pleasure of spanking us together.  We hadn't done this in the scene with Rad, as we were in plenty of trouble without saying anything stupid.  So we practiced on R instead.  I think all three of us had a good time.

I raced off to meet another group of friends for dinner at the Mexican restaurant.  In contrast to our brunch experience, the service was exceptional.  M&D were heading home early, so there were plenty of tearful goodbyes.

After dinner, Craig and I managed to fit in a "standing scene" - our new favorite position discovered in Atlantic City.  He says my backside looks amazing that way, and who am I to argue with that?  Plus, he has impeccable aim, even in this position (which cannot be said for every top who has attempted to spank me this way)...another quality I won't argue with.

We made our way to a suite party, were Tony caught up with me and delivered a set of cane strokes.  We've been trying to connect for several parties, but our schedules haven't matched up.   I'm not sure how many I ended up with, we started with 6...but when he checked in, I was like, sure, more is good.  After that, I escaped to my room for a very wonderful and relaxing flogging and spanking from F.  I was glad to catch up with him after the great conversation we had at the SSNY suite party on Saturday.  I guess it was my night for catching up with people I've missed at past parties, because I finished the night with M, with whom I'd been unable to schedule with at FMS in June.

Catching up with everyone can be a challenge, but it's SO worth it!

* For the record, I do know what a Diner's Club card is...I'm not as young as I look.  But I've never actually seen one.  So maybe I am.

** Let me assure you, if I "got a room" with some guy I just met (and whose name I didn't know)...he'd have paid for the damn room!  But when it comes to an entire baseball team...all bets are off.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SL Party Report - Saturday

I have an excuse for not posting this sooner...several excuses.  But let's be realistic, you don't really care - you just want to get a voyeuristic thrill from my adventures.  And I'm an exhibitionist, so this works out. Enjoy!

Despite staying up too late Friday night, I woke up relatively early Saturday.  Jada and I hung out in our room until we found some friends who were up for breakfast.  Did I mention how glad I was to have "my" roommate?  It's wonderful to have someone to enjoy the downtime at parties with, I've certainly been spoiled with that.

We must have eaten breakfast late, or lingered over breakfast, because the next thing I have written down in my notes is the SSNY suite party that afternoon.  I had a great time talking to people there.  To cap off the event, I met Keith Jones.  The first real spanking video I saw, well before coming into the scene, starred Keith Jones and Erica Scott.  Watching them on film is the reason my first party was Shadowlane.  So...way cool once I got over the stuttering, star-struck part.

I left the suite party, planning to watch Craig do a fire and wax scene.   I'm interested, but wanted to watch someone else first.  When the demo didn't show, Craig fit in a short cane scene with me before Jada came up for her turn with fire and wax.  Watching Jada and Craig do the fire and wax scene was quite interesting.  I'm not sure I can stay that still, though.

After Craig had cleaned up from that scene, a group of us were sitting around his suite talking.  Craig wandered over to where I was sitting on the couch, cane in hand.  He dropped it against my leg.  I smiled at him, thinking, I'm sitting here, wearing jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt, but I'm always up for a caning from someone I enjoy.  I thought we would move to a different position, but no - an entire scene with me fully clothed, sitting on the couch, while a group of friends talked around us.  And remarkably, this was one of the hottest scenes of my weekend.  Craig insisted that I tell the room that I'm "a little exhibitionist."  I refused, and the cane struck everywhere.  I finally did mutter it, under my breath, when the conversation got loud around us, but Craig was onto that.  Instead, he insisted I tell the room that I was "a fucking exhibitionist."  For some reason, that was easier.  Go figure!  It's inexplicable, really, but it was an incredibly amazing scene.

When Jada and I had recovered from our respective scenes, we headed down to our room to prep for the Saturday night dinner.  We both followed the "Mad Men" theme, more or less by accident.  I think we looked quite nice, though, especially considering the limits of Jada's last-minute wardrobe and our combined inability to do anything girl-like with our hair.  In fact, given those things, we looked fantastic!

I had great company for dinner.  Brad, as usual, was a wonderful dinner "date".  He even asked me to dance.  Craig also braved my avowed inability to dance.  I enjoyed conversation with L&M at the dinner table, discussing various outfits.  L had great advice for shoes and accessories.  Being something of a tom-boy, I missed all these lessons growing up, so I soaked it all in.

I must admit that the lack of food (somehow, I'd missed lunch) and sleep (to bed too late, awake too early) caught up with me Saturday night.  I called it a night early, finally giving in to the need to sleep.  Craig sweetly stopped by to make sure I was alright.  Jada came to bed soon after, so I didn't feel like such a wimp...although she had the excuse of getting in so late the night before

Monday, September 13, 2010

SL Party Report - Friday

My Friday began with a bracing swim.  The pool was in the shade and, therefore, entirely too cold.  The hot tub was, naturally, in the sun and, therefore, entirely too hot.  Not one to give up on these things easily, I swam several laps in the pool before overheating in the hot tub and heading back to my room for a shower.

I met Gia and Craig for a late breakfast at the Cafe, where we immediately set about confusing our waitress.  We took places that had been vacated by others and the waitress seemed entirely bewildered that we might want to order food at a restaurant.  Imagine that.  We did manage to get food in a timely manner, however, despite having another couple join us a bit later.  Gia performed an amazing feat of turning plain yogurt into some semblance of edibility by adding various jellies and jams.  I'm still not certain the resulting concoction was edible, but she seemed to enjoy it.  For myself, I picked at my fresh fruit and finished off Craig's meal (following my tradition of preferring someone else's meal to my own).

During brunch, I set up a session with M.  We retreated to my room for a kinky Dean-student scene much like the one we had engaged in at FMS, which is described here.  Many thanks to M for such a fun scene.

Because I had gotten up unaccountably early, I decided to take a nap.  But first I sent Craig a text asking him to text me when he was free, as I knew he was playing.  Unlike the day before, Craig did text me...and call me...and pound on my door.  All of which I slept through.  I sent him a text when I woke up and we were able to meet for a quick scene.

I met up with Mike Tanner for a roleplay scene we had planned.  While away at college, his niece (me) had been strip-dancing to earn spending money.  This story deserves a blog of its own, which I'll write after I finish my party reports.  (Someone should remind me.)  For now, suffice it to say that it was a really great scene.

After that, it was time to prepare for the Vendor's Fair.  Craig and I had been discussing the scene for months, it seems, exchanging ideas and stories.  I skipped the schoolgirl theme and wore my white corset, black leather shorts, and heels.  Katy-Lynn stopped by to help me into the corset, but I forgot that I wouldn't be able to bend over to fasten my shoes on.  I wandered down the hallway in search of help, where I was unexpectedly rescued by Erica and J, who each took a shoe.  I met up with Katy-Lynn and her boyfriend, R, who had agreed to accompany me down to the ballroom.  I am grateful for their company, as I did attract more than a few second glances.

Craig and I had planned a "take-down" scene, in which he would surprise me by spanking me without warning.  I caught sight of him when I entered the ballroom, pacing on the far side of the room.  I caught a glimpse of him later, busy at one of the booths.  When he did catch me, I was caught completely off-guard.  He flipped me over his knee and spanked me hard, a scene which I think caught a few people's attention.  It was a great, hot scene for all it was short.  Craig helped me up and gave me a hug and a kiss.  I mentioned that it seemed like forever and he responded with something along the lines of "You came in the room 18 minutes ago."  Details like that can really make a girl feel appreciated and noticed.  Craig knows how to make a scene for me.

If I were doing it again, the only change I would make is to be certain that my escort, in this case R, was expecting it.  R hadn't met Craig, didn't know about our relationship, and was more than slightly concerned.  Katy-Lynn did a stellar job of both blocking the view of my breasts spilling out of my corset from one of the more obvious creepers and restraining her boyfriend at the same time.  Aside from that oversight on my part, an excellent scene.

After a bit more mingling at the Vendor's Fair, Craig and I retreated to my room for the rest of our scene.  On our way through the casino, a random lady stopped and asked us where a particular restaurant was located.  When we admitted we had no clue, she got all flustered and said, "Oh, I thought you worked here!"  Craig and I had quite a laugh over that on our way up to my room.    As for the scene, it was all the things we tried on Thursday - more intense, more powerful, and so incredible it defies description.  It made for an amazing scene.

We had just wrapped up the scene and finished aftercare when my roommate arrived!  I was very excited to see Jada, who was only able to make it to the party at the last minute.  We spent a bit of time catching up, which naturally included another spanking for Jada and I from Craig, and getting into the party spirit before heading for one of the suite parties.

Jada and I met up with a friend of hers and returned to our room for a "bedtime spanking."  Before we got settled in, Craig knocked on the door in search of his toy bag, which he had left in our room.  I stepped out in the hall and quickly became distracted by a conversation.  Before too long, Gia came by and we wandered up to their suite, leaving Jada our room.

Craig spanked me again in his suite, a quick scene that I obviously should have taken better notes of, because it has blurred into the weekend.  (Some might say I should write my party reports more quickly, but I'd ignore those nay-sayers.)

Jada joined us, bringing along Strict Dave, who had come by our room to give us "bedtime spankings".  He had brought along a belt, which he played with suggestively, but I don't remember him using it that night.  Instead, I got a lovely bedtime spanking and called it a night.  All in all, a great official start to the party.

Friday, September 10, 2010

SL Party Report - Wednesday/Thursday

I'm a little delayed in posting my party report.  Does that mean it's more forgivable if I leave something out?  Ah well, I'm certain I will regardless of when I write, so I may as well dive in.

This year's Shadowlane was spectacular, of course.  It is always such fun to see old friends, make new friends, and spend a weekend surrounded by fellow kinksters.  Like Rad, I really hope there will be another party next year.

I started my party early, arriving late Wednesday night.  Brad met me at the gate, a surprise I nearly missed as I was texting him to arrange a meeting location.  Without undue hassle, we collected his bags (I prefer to carry-on, which can make airport security interesting) and his rental car.

Brad had picked a restaurant for dinner based on pictures of wooden seats.  Actually, he had found a place we could both eat, which considering my food allergies, might be saying something.  He was convinced I would need a quick warm-up in the backseat of the car before dinner, and the wooden seats would help me remember to behave.  I was convinced he was teasing.

I was wrong.

Despite that unique experience, dinner was nice.  We caught up even as we texted other friends.  Craig had misdirected a text to me, which you can read about here, and we shared much laughter over that.

Inspired by the "Root Beer" concoction Brad had before dinner (a drink that I am certain contained no root beer at all, much like a Long Island Ice Tea contains no tea), I got another quick spanking bent over the trunk of the car in the parking lot after dinner.  While I don't mind public play at parties, I am shy of true public play.  These two sessions, while brief, were certainly memorable!

Arriving at the hotel, we discovered our rooms were only a door apart.  After unpacking and settling into our rooms, we finished the evening in true party style - with a bedtime spanking.

After a good night's sleep, Brad and I met up again for breakfast at the Cafe in the casino.  The service was decent and the food was good, although I preferred what Brad ordered over what I had ordered.  Wonderful man that he is, he let me eat my fill of his meal and he finished mine as well.

Armed with shopping requests from many of our later-arriving friends, we embarked on an epic shopping trip.   I am a picky eater with food allergies, so it is important that I keep food in my room.  We made a number of stops, picking up all the necessities - food, water, Coke (for Jada, who got to come at the last minute!), wine (for Craig and others), sake (for Gia), Dark & Stormy ingredients, Brad's tux, and several pairs of socks for me.  Yes - I forgot to pack any socks.  Any at all!

After making three trips to carry all our purchases into the hotel, I had planned to take a nap.  I was too excited to fall asleep easily, despite Craig's promise to text and call when he got to the hotel.  I finally fell asleep and he didn't wake me up!  But I got over being cranky the moment he arrived at my door...

My notes about the scene that followed are simply "several hours disappeared."  I remember the bit in front of the windows, my breasts pressed against the cold glass in tribute to Holodeck (part 1), which was in turn inspired by a phone scene with Craig.  I remember getting one of the three bruises on my arm (we discussed them after the scene and neither of us knew where the other two came from).  We tried several new things, most of which I part because I'm crazy like that, but mostly because Craig and I have talked about these things and developed a real trust.  We certainly did things I would not attempt with anyone else, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Afterwards, we met my "sis" Katy-Lynn for a late dinner.  I hung out with her in another friend's suite after dinner, then made my way to another suite party.  I finished the night relatively early with another short scene with Craig, the details of which are completely blurred by time and exhaustion.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Party Reports Coming Soon

This year's Shadowlane party was awesome!  I got home today and I'm not quite up to writing my party report.  But I expect to have something posted before the weekend.  Check back soon!