Friday, November 19, 2010

HD - Tour (part 4)

If you haven’t read the other HoloDeck stories…you can start here.  The HoloDeck series explores spanking, sex and BDSM in a fantasy world where nothing goes wrong, and if it does, they have sci-fi level medical care available.  I find that sort of thing fun and titillating.  Your mileage may vary.  This is the final part of a four-part Macy/Colin story…you can find the first part here, the second part here, and the third part here.

“Oh no,” Colin said firmly, glaring at her.  “I’ll hear a good bit more begging from you first.  And your screams.  Your sobs.  None of this false bullshit.”

He shoved her backwards onto the table, her back flat on the fur rug, her bottom hanging off the edge.  He pulled the picnic benches forward a bit and put a booted foot on either bench, spreading her very wide.  A bit of rope secured her feet.  He pulled her hands together, wrapped them with rope and stretched them far above her head before securing them.

He took his cane to these new targets – her thighs, her pussy, her breasts.  He circled her, his blows precise and hard.  She strained and writhed wordlessly on the table, occasional low moans punctuating his mutters of “Nice!”

He dropped the cane and scooped up more fresh snow.  The first handful was pressed against her pussy.  The next two held against her gorgeous breasts.  She tossed her head back and forth, begging him with a nonsensical string of moans.

He swept the snow away and fell on her with his mouth.  His hands squeezed her painfully.  The suction of her mouth caused her to cry out.  Her back arched, pressing her breasts harder into his mouth.

He forgot his desire to punish her, giving over to his desire to ravish her instead.  He dropped his pants and thrust into her, but the remnants of cold snow served to remind him of his original purpose.  Gritting his teeth, he pumped into her until she grew frantic for him.  Then, growling, he withdrew.

A horrible rubber crop found its way into his hand.  He struck her breasts, her pussy.  It took only a few strokes to set her begging.  He struck again, watching her tears fill her eyes.  He hit her pussy twice more.

“How does my little slut want it?” He rubbed his cock teasingly against her clit, sliding down but not entering her.

“Please, Colin, just fuck me!”  She raised her hips, opened her legs even further, begging with her body.

He gave into her pleas, taking everything she offered.