Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Impatience (Xavier and Maddie)

This story is part of a new series - Xavier and Maddie are lovers who engage in all sorts of spanking play. This story is dedicated to my lover, who provides endless inspiration and support. The normal disclaimers apply.

“Can we go yet?”

Xavier looked up from his MacBook to find Maddie all but jumping with impatience. Standing beside his desk, she was wearing a scoop-necked t-shirt with the words It’s a good thing I’m into you, because otherwise it would be awkward printed across her chest, tight jeans, and her scuffed Sketchers. He rolled his eyes, “You’re acting like an impatient four-year old.”

“I am not!” She crossed her arms and pouted ineffectually at him.

Xavier raised an eyebrow, glaring at her as she proved his point. She sighed theatrically, attempting to distract him with her heaving chest, but this worked no better than her previous ploys.

“You can stand in the corner until you’re ready to act like an adult.”

Her eyes narrowed slightly, considering him for a moment before she answered, “No.”

He was up in an instant, taking two long strides to her side and catching up her wrists in his hands. But he caught the triumph that flashed in her eyes, so they stood motionless for a long moment.

“You will stand in the corner, beautiful,” Xavier said, squeezing her wrists to emphasize his point, “Until I’m ready to deal with you. Then,” he paused again, “we can run our errands after your punishment.”

Maddie watched him cautiously; the mischief fled from her when he squeezed her wrists, as he must have expected it to do. Her lower lip trembled as she offered, “I can…”

He released one wrist to silence her with a fingertip on her lips. Her lips trembled under his finger as he traced them. “No, love. You’ll stand in the corner for me now…naked.”

He released her other wrist and stepped back to watch her. Maddie crossed her arms in front of her and took hold of the hem of her babydoll t-shirt. She peeled the material up and over her head, revealing a trim waist and full breasts. She shook the shirt right side out and tossed it onto her chair at the desk opposite his. Her bra quickly followed. She stepped over to her chair and toed off her shoes without untying them. Unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans took a moment, but he delighted in watching her wiggle out of them. She gave the jeans a rather sketchy fold and tossed them on top of the rest of her clothes. Brightly colored boy-shorts followed a moment later.

She bit her lip as she looked at him, silently asking for a last-minute reprieve. He simply nodded toward the corner of the office and watched in silence until she put herself there.

“Hands behind your head. Stand up straight.” Xavier nodded to himself as she positioned herself in accordance with his directions. She could be biddable, if she put her mind to it. With a little smile, he returned to his work.

After several minutes of silence, Maddie’s voice had just a trace of a whine, “Xavier, I…”

“No,” he answered simply, glancing up to make sure that she kept her position. He knew she was uncomfortable, even wanted her to be. Even so, he clicked rapidly through the remainder of his work email. He wanted to push her, but he was always conscious of her possible distress. He finished with a sigh and closed his laptop.

Maddie reacted to the quiet snick of his laptop closing, tensing and straightening. A shiver raced down her back, visible just as a slight tremor. She knew he was serious today, but she had no idea what she was in for here.

He stood and paced behind her, in no hurry to approach her. Let her imagination run wild for a moment. But only a moment, lest she truly panic. He took her wrist again, using that subtle trigger to keep her in the headspace. He led her out of their shared office, into the living room of their loft. With only the grip on her wrist, he pulled her over the back of the large leather sofa in the middle of the room. In quieter moments, the two of them would lay on the sofa, watching television or cuddling quietly in front of the fireplace. But this was not one of those sweet, intimate moments. She had been asking for a serious punishment for some time now, but he only just now had the time to deliver one.

Xavier spent only a figurative moment with his hand, delivering the barest warm-up she would need to get through this ordeal. She loved his hand under any circumstances.  It was impossible to ignore the way she squirmed under his application, arching her back and offering her bottom to him.

“Don’t you dare move,” he admonished as he stepped away, removing the hand he had wrapped around her waist. He needed both hands to unbuckle his belt, pulling the leather slowly through the loops of his pants. He wanted Maddie to anticipate it. He relished in seeing the effect the sound had on her, the little shivers, the slight tensing of muscle.

Xavier did not bother to snap the leather against itself; he knew she was aware of what was coming. He only doubled the belt and silently took measure of his position. Adjusting just slightly, he struck. The perfect snap of sound predicted the well-placed welt that appeared on her backside. With a little grunt of satisfaction, he struck again just below that first welt.

He worked carefully, each strike precisely aimed for symmetry. He worked his way down her bottom, concentrating on the sweet-spot for a moment, and finally struck down her thighs. She kept very still, her moans and whimpers the only evidence of the intense pain he was delivering.

Xavier knew her well, though, and could interpret these tiny sounds and minute shifts in position. He stepped back, running a bare hand over her welted skin. He flipped his hand over and traced his nails back up the sensitive skin. She whimpered and spread her legs a bit further.

“Not yet. I’m not nearly finished with you, Maddie.” He dropped his belt over the back of the sofa, before admonishing, “Don’t move. And don’t you dare look!”

He left her to go into their bedroom in search of another implement. This one a thick, leather paddle that she loved to hate. But it was his use of it, he thought as he returned to her, that she simply hated.

He positioned himself against her hip, his free hand wrapping around her waist. He stood ready to fling a leg behind hers, if she was in the mood to kick. He set the cool paddle against her bottom, knowing she would recognize it by the feel. Indeed, she tensed, then relaxed and pushed her bottom out to him.

“One hundred, Maddie. And you’ll count nicely for me.” He gave the order knowing she would protest, knowing she hated counting, but checking her headspace.

“Xavier, I can’t…”

Xavier nodded to himself, her protest answering his question. “Double, then. If you don’t count, I won’t.”

When he struck, Maddie reluctantly counted. When he struck exactly the same place a second time and a third, she gritted her teeth and continued to count. It was a battle of their not diminishable wills – her hatred of this method and her equal tenacity in accepting anything he delivered, his knowledge of her and use of that knowledge to push her. His strikes built steadily in intensity, until the fortieth swat, where he leveled off. She fought mostly within herself, remaining still and keeping the count to fifty, expecting the ordeal to end there.

When he struck the same spot the fifty-first time, Maddie actually screamed. She had decided he was only teasing about doubling the penalty, as that was the only way she could accept his sentence. But she also knew his love of symmetry; she knew he would repeat the strikes on the other cheek, which put the total over one hundred. He paused for a moment, giving her the time to count, before continuing on to sixty. Her relief when he moved to the other cheek was tempered by the knowledge that he would repeat the torment. But she counted steadily, determined to outmatch him.

She made it through those symmetry swats, painful as they were. And the lighter swats he spread over her bottom, evening the color, were easy to manage. But the last thirty concentrated on her thighs, left her sobbing.

Xavier dropped the paddle to the floor. He helped her up and around the sofa in one smooth motion, dropping onto the sofa and pulling her into his lap. Maddie curled up on him, her face buried in his shoulder. He held her until she calmed. When she gave him a tentative smile, he returned the smile with a kiss.

“Put your clothes back on, Maddie. We’ve errands to run.”

She gave him an incredulous look. He slid his fingers into her wet pussy and smirked at her, “That’s part of your punishment, love. You’ll wait. That, and those delightfully tight jeans of yours should make an interesting afternoon, don’t you think?”