Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Love Our Lurkers day! Started by Bonnie seven years ago, this is a day dedicated to the lurkers on our blogs. I may not post on my blog as regularly as I'd like (I'm trying to do better...), yet you keep coming back to read my kinky fiction, view my pictures, and read my scene stories. So for that, those of you who don't comment (and those who do), thank you! Today kinky bloggers acknowledge the readership and traffic of our lurkers.

If you've read my blog and enjoyed it, I encourage you to post a comment. Join the discussion. Take this opportunity to meet other readers. One of the greatest things I found in the scene is the friendship and understanding of other kinksters. Even if our kinks don't align perfectly, the companionship and discussion with fellow kinksters is unmatched in the vanilla community.

As Erica says, it need not be an epic posting. It can be a simple hello; a post dictated by your comfort level. I hope you'll find here, as I have, a number of new friends.


  1. Happy LOL Day, Lizzie! I hope you get many comments and that some of your lurkers use this special occasion to step out of the shadows and say hello. :-)

    1. It's a great day for it! Thanks for commenting, Kaelah.

  2. Hello again. Isn't LOL day fun?


  3. Same person, multiple blogs. Happy LOL day again.