Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Darwin Wednesday

This week, I'm going to cover a somewhat lengthy exchange of messages that began normally, but quickly turned, well, creepy. These messages were written on FetLife, but I've used an IM-style format below to make it more readable because the majority of the messages are short. This exchange took place over about a month.

Lovely pics!


Are they all of you? Who took them? How long ago?

They are all of them me, taken by a variety of friends. 
Most taken within the last year or so.

Very nice. You have a lovely ass for spanking. 
Were you spanked as a child? when did you 
get your first?

Thank you.

I wasn't. I got my first spanking at 19...and 
I've been enjoying it ever since!

That is still early on...who spanked you at 19? 
Were you at college then?

I was. I met someone on adult-friend-finder, actually. 
It went amazingly well, and we're still friends.

What about you? When did you get into it?

I discovered this in high school. I started spanking girls 
back then and found they liked it too. SO I just continued 
to explore and progress from there. I too am still in touch 
with one of the first girls I spanked way back then.

What attracts you to BDSM at this point?

I started with spanking parties and continued to explore 
from there. I'm kinda a "sensation-whore" - I love 
the different sensations, the different experiences.

Are there many spanking parties near you now?
What kinds of sensations have you tried that youve 
enjoyed? Which have you tried that you didnt like?

How do you feel about marks on your body?

There aren't many spanking parties near me, but I enjoy
 traveling to the bigger ones. They can be so much fun!

I like most sensations, really. I haven't tried any that I didn't 
like, at least not that I can think of right off hand.

I try to avoid marks, because I swim several times a 
week. It's hard to hide marks in the locker room!

Where do you swim? Is it for a work out or as part 
of a team or club? Im sure you are a clever 
who could find a way to conceal her marks! They do 
enable one to experience more sensations. 

Do you live live alone? Where have you gone to attend 
spanking party? Who have you traveled with when you go to these parties? 

I think you might be able to guess why I stopped writing him. The curious part of this is how normal it was until that last message. Did he go off his meds or something?

But let's see - I swim at a pool, as one might imagine from the locker room. And while I'm complimented that he thinks I'm clever, I'm also confident that I would not have mentioned it if I were in any way interested in allowing him to mark me. Come to that, what sensations can't I experience without marks? The range of spanking options on my profile can all be experienced without marks. In fact, the only things I can think of that cannot be experienced without marks are cutting, burning, and other similar things. Am I missing something here?

Is it ever okay to ask a woman if she lives alone? What possible good reason could be behind that question? Ever?

The last bit might be simple curiosity or networking - let's see if we are going to be in any of the same places or know any of the same people. But combined with all the other problems here, this (and the earlier question about who took the photos) becomes something more like - who is protecting you that I might have to avoid? and where could I possibly get my hands on you?

Right - well, that saves me having to turn down an invitation to meet this fellow at an undisclosed private location without establishing a safe-call or telling anyone where I am going. Thanks for that.


  1. Do any police live in your neighborhood?

    Do you own a large dog?

    What medications are you easily susceptible to?

    What time do you go to sleep?

    Where do you keep your spare key?

  2. You're picking this up quickly, Craig. Soon, you will be able to scare women away with a single email message. :P

  3. The tone was somewhat creepy, but have you considered that he wanted to know if you live alone because spanking needs a private location and he can't host because of his relationship or living status?

    Not saying you didn't take the right action by stopping talking to him but this feels like "Michael Scott" syndrome to me.