Saturday, May 7, 2011

Boardwalk Badness Weekend (Friday)

If I thought going to bed somewhat early Thursday night would allow me to wake up early on Friday, I was wrong. (Why doesn't the time difference work both ways? I have to go to bed early AND wake up late?) I woke up anxiously awaiting the arrival of my roommate and good friend, Jada. She had flown all night to meet us in Atlantic City. That time between Shadowlane and Boardwalk Badness felt like an eternity this year! We caught up with Craig over lunch, meeting several friends along the way. It begins to feel like a party when you notice that you recognize several people walking down the Boardwalk or eating in a restaurant.

At the Happy Hour Registration, I was able to catch up with so many party friends that I cannot begin to list them for fear of leaving several people out. One of the best parts of Boardwalk Badness is the number of casual events with time to talk to old friends and meet new ones. I was especially glad to catch up with Brad and get the chance to sneak away to play, because he was cutting his party short due to other commitments. We always have such a wonderful time!

Jada and I, with our myriad of food allergies, were forced to venture outside the party for dinner. SSNY provides excellent food, but we simply aren't able to enjoy it. Instead, we gathered a group and went to a BBQ place inside a neighboring casino. While most of the group stopped to shop at the taffy store, Ty and I slipped off for a scene before the evening spanking party. It was great to catch up over dinner and get the chance to play. The perfect prelude to the spanking party to follow.

Somehow, I'd gotten myself volunteered into the Vendor's Contest as one of the Tanner Reformatory Pajama Girls. I do not know how I get myself talked into such things - I'm totally the opposite of a natural salesperson. But some of the girls suggested offering to allow buyers to try out their new purchase on our bottoms...turns out I can ask someone to spank me. And whatever you've heard about the outfits, the pajamas were "cute" enough that I got several requests to wear them for later scenes - all of which I politely declined.

Despite my best efforts and those of my teammates, we lost. I think there are two explanations for this: (1) we were too busy actually selling things to get our sales counted, and (2) we didn't cheat as well as the other team. The losing team was spanked on stage for 30 seconds. I was "lucky" enough to get Strict Dave as my top. (I do consider myself lucky, even if the man's got an iron hand.) More luck followed when the timekeeper lost the stopwatch, or some such nonsense. It was fun to play with Dave, even for such a brief scene.

After the on-stage spanking, Mike Tanner lined the seven of us up for another spanking, this time with the Licking Stick. There was something about picking a number, but we didn't pick well as a team. Should have listened to Aurora on that one! That Licking Stick is painful!

Soon enough, the vendor's fair was closing down and we were headed up to the suites for more conversation, slipping away for a few scenes. But still being on CST, and being the sort who turns into a pumpkin early in the evening to begin with, I turned in early again.

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