Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boardwalk Badness Weekend (Sunday/Monday)

I woke up uncharacteristically early on Sunday morning, a good thing since I had agreed to meet Miss Chris for breakfast but forgotten to set an alarm. We were able to meet in the coffee shop in the hotel and catch up. We didn't have a chance to play this weekend, but sometimes talking is just as important. I caught up with Jada and Craig for a coffee (tea for me!) run before CP Court started.

As always, Strict Dave put on an awesome CP Court. It's so much fun to watch! The only charges I had thought to bring were against the Honorable Strict Dave - you can read about the incident here - and I'd decided that asking him to recuse might be too complicated. Or too hazardous to my backside, whichever. Instead, I was able to watch and enjoy the show.

We went in search of food again; this time ending up at the Rainforest Cafe. Craig, ever thoughtful (or giving in to my childish pleading) picked up the children's activity books and crayons for Jada and I. I spent the entire time coloring, and not finishing, a single picture. There is a bit of a repressed artist inside me and an OCD one at that. Jada was far more creative, completing a hilarious story about her healthy eating habits (which included lots of chocolate, ice cream, and everything she is allergic to) and frequent exercise (which included fighting with me).

Though Jada and I don't fight - I've mentioned before how we make such excellent roommates - we did discover (or rediscover, perhaps) a love of wrestling and resistance play. The weekend was sprinkled with such impromptu scenes with Criag. It's a change from typical party play, which tends to be along the lines of dive over a willing lap, but it added variety to the weekend. Of course, it's not something I would engage in with any random top, but with someone I know well and trust? Great fun.

After lunch, I caught up with ColoDom for a great scene. We have an awesome dynamic, as long as I plan ahead and remember not to wear pink panties! He doesn't put up with any of my bullshit logic, which really makes it fun. I do love a Top that I can't argue circles around!

Jada, Craig and I had opted out of the harbor cruise that evening. Instead we found dinner (I talked them into returning to the BBQ place with the amazing sweet potato fries) and enjoyed a quiet evening catching up with occasional wrestling matches. When the harbor cruise returned, we headed upstairs for one last night of suite parties.

I was lucky to catch second scene with both C and Glenn - Sunday night is the perfect time for such things. No longer worried about "saving my bottom for the weekend," I can simply play. I may have enjoyed the conversation and laughter with other bottoms on the bed just as much as the spanking (I really cannot be blamed for enjoying banter and discussion with ColoDom's delightful wife, can I?), something that Glenn in particular took exception to (I can't imagine why, though it may have had something to do with the fact that I was laughing through his spanking). He promised that I would have something to remember for my trip home and lit into my backside with a strap.

He was right. When Jada and I flopped into our seats on the first leg of our flights home, I sat on the seatbelt. Not a big deal, this happens all the time. But even after I had fastened the seatbelt about my waist ("low and tight around my hips"...I do follow directions occasionally), I still felt as though I was sitting on the uneven surface of the seatbelt. Ghost seatbelts...or the ghost of one heck of a strapping from Glenn.

Craig and I managed one last scene that night - the sort of short, intense scene that caps a weekend perfectly for me. It was the kind of scene I'm only comfortable engaging in with him - fast and harsh, but he reads me so well. I've a few scattered bruises from that adventure, but it's a wonderful reminder of a weekend well spent.

Overall, an awesome, incredible weekend. My apologies to anyone I've left out due to my failure to get permission to include you on my blog before the weekend was over. And a special thanks to everyone I had the opportunity to play with! So many amazing people attended, making this party the best yet!


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences at BBW.

  2. Another great report! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Joeyred! I had a time well worth sharing.

  4. Thanks Craig! I'm glad you enjoyed it!