Saturday, August 6, 2011

KC Spanks Club

I haven't died, or even melted. This summer has been terribly busy, as summers tend to be. And I've found that the extreme heat triggers my migraines (lovely). But I'm making a renewed effort to blog. Feel free to pester me about posting more frequently.

[picture taken after the party by Hank]

I attended a great evening party hosted by KC Spanks Club a couple weeks ago (yes, I know it's taken me forever to write about it; I should be spanked...or something). Over forty people attended - such a wonderful, diverse group of people.  Even though I always enjoy the parties when I go, the evening parties are a struggle for me.

I've developed a routine for a weekend party that begins months in advance getting airline tickets, hotel reservations, and exchanging emails and FetLife messages to get all my plans in place. About a week before the party, I'll go into a tizzy about clothing, more particularly my lack thereof. I typically threaten at least once to go without, before I finally settle down. Then there is a last minute flurry of packing, racing to the airport, and making all my connections that leaves me little time to contemplate what I'm about to do before I'm swept into the party.

For a single evening party, I'm lacking the transition. I'm at work, then I need to jump right into party-mode. That's a difficult jump for me. In all honesty, I probably would not have gone to this party except that I got a lovely note on FetLife that encouraged me to put aside my nerves and go. And I am SO glad I went!

Mr. and Mrs. Powertool put on a very nice demo. I was particularly impressed by Mrs. Powertool's response to a (somewhat snarky) question from the audience - she succinctly explained that her husband is a bottom, not a submissive. And she gave a really good lecture on the differences between the two. I wish I could remember exactly what her response was, because it was one of the best I've heard.

I have to thank Alicia Panettiere and Hank for helping me get into the party mood. I've met Alicia several times, but never had the chance to play with her before. She's an excellent top! Hank, who I met for the first time at this party, was instrumental in instigating that first scene and I thank him for that! There's nothing like a spanking to help me relax into a party. We enjoyed banter and continued play throughout the party - with both of them spanking me, what's not to love?

I also had the opportunity to play with Rich Spankman, who organizes the KC Spanks Club parties. As the event planner, he's always so busy that I hesitate to ask him to play. But I'd made up my mind at this party that I would ask him...then he beat me to it! That is, he asked me first. He also "beat" me, in the context of giving me a very good spanking; but that's the idea, isn't it? I've seen his variety of spanking methods in demos before, but it was even more fun to experience them!

I had a great scene with Joe. Despite both of us traveling to Atlantic City for Boardwalk Badness and attending parties in KC, we've never gotten the chance to play before. I do love a man with heavy hands who knows how to use them!

I also got the chance to play with Joe's wife, Michelle. Hank warned me about her "Sunday" hairbrush - so named because she can't use it on anyone at a weekend party until Sunday, because it tends to finish the bottom for the weekend - but I simply had to try it. And, of course, I loved it! (ColoDom is right, if you looked up "pain slut" in the dictionary, you'd find a picture of me.)

[close-up taken of the lines from the "Sunday" brush, taken by Hank...thanks again!]

Thanks again to everyone I played with and talked to at the party! I had a wonderful time and I'm looking forward to the next event.


  1. Lizzie,

    Glad you made the event. Also, thank you for allowing me to spank you. Take care and hope to see you in December.

    Rich Spankman

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening. I wish I could have been there. (And as I recall, I think I gave you some significant "encouragement" to go...)

  3. Alicia and Hank are two of the most terrific people in the scene. Was Hank wearing a kilt?
    Glad you had a great time.