Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Searches

No, I haven't gone so far into my studies that I've decided to bore you with a Fourth Amendment lecture. In fact, as a distraction to all that, I rather randomly decided to look at my blog stats. I stumbled upon the search terms that have brought visitors to my blog.

The most common term this week: [honeymoon blogs] - I can only imagine their surprise! I suppose it's the Brittanic Honeymoon series of stories that brought them here, but I cannot believe they were looking for a spanking blog...

A search I'm considering trying myself: ["his finger slid into her tight"] - I'm curious how many results that would have and if any of the other results are kinky. At least anyone making that search should expect adult content.

Other searchers have very specific tastes.

Take, for example, this one: ["tormenting * breasts" nipples -movies] - I do have several stories that might fit, and there are no movies here.

But for a specific search that fits my blog, this one is pretty good: ["supple leather belt" "her panties"] - there's another search I'd consider doing myself. And it has a higher likelihood that I would find something I'd enjoy.

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