Friday, December 30, 2011

Trio - part 3 (the end)

The final chapter - again with BDSM and sex.

“My cane,” Franklin requested as he walked over to the restrained girl. Elle retrieved the cane and set it in his waiting palm. He tapped the cane against Layla’s breast. He raised several welts across her breasts before demanding his rubber crop. When Elle supplied the implement, he set into Layla’s inner thighs and wet pussy. It was a harsh punishment, but not a particularly long one.

Franklin turned suddenly to Elle, who was watching breathlessly. He smacked her face to catch her attention. “It’s your fault I had to punish her, you should make her feel better.”

Elle started on Layla’s breasts, kneeling on the side of the bench and pressing her lips against the welts there. She kissed them and licked them, playing with the girl’s nipples as well. Elle’s hands roamed Layla’s body, until the girl was moaning and arching her back for more.

Elle stood up and moved between Layla’s legs. Her hands on the unmarked top of Layla’s thighs, she lowered herself to kiss the welts Franklin had raised on the inside of her thighs. She kissed up one leg and down the other. She returned to the center, kissing Layla’s pussy and sinking down a bit further to slip her tongue between the girl’s pussy lips.

Franklin grabbed Elle by the hair and pulled her away, “Not *that* much better, slut. Get the dildo.” He unfastened Layla’s ankles, letting her put her legs to the floor. He walked around to unfasten her wrists as well, grabbing the box Elle had knelt on to present her breasts earlier and moving it around to support Layla’s feet.

Elle returned with the feeldoe, a double-ended dildo made to be used as a strapless strap-on. Franklin took it from her and pushed the bulbous end into Layla’s pussy. For a few minutes, he fucked her with it, but stopped before she got close to a second orgasm. “Not yet,” he warned, “You don’t get to come again until Elle does.”

He left the dildo in place, the thick cock-like end standing ready, and ordered Elle over. As he offered her a hand up, he growled, “And you don’t get to come without my permission.”

Elle toed off her shoes, smiling shyly at his offer. She took his hand and stepped on the side of the bench, straddling Layla. Her free hand positioned the dildo as she sunk down, still holding Franklin’s hand for balance. She gave his hand a squeeze as the dildo slid into place, her eyes locked on his for a long moment.

Then she leaned forward, reaching her hand over Layla’s head to support her weight as she began to move back and forth on the dildo. She pressed a nipple into the shorter girl’s mouth, insisting the girl tease and suck on her breast. Franklin released her other hand, which found Layla’s breast and did it’s own teasing and pinching.

Franklin took up his cane again, this time striking Elle’s moving ass. She arched her back to present her ass to him, even as she continued moving back and forth on the dildo, grinding her clit into Layla’s clit. Franklin timed his strokes and aimed carefully. Welts rose quickly on Elle’s unmarked skin. She did no more than moan once in protest against the lack of a warm up. Franklin moved to one side, laying welts down one cheek and thigh, before moving to the other side to do the same.

Suddenly he brought the cane down across Layla’s unmarked upper thighs, growling, “Don’t you dare,” before returning to Elle’s ass. Soon both girls were pleading with him, begging permission to come. Elle’s pleas were broken by the blows to her bottom, Layla’s by Elle’s breasts being pressed into her face, but Franklin knew what they were asking.

He pushed them both, making them wait. His cane raised welts that crossed one another on Elle’s bottom and a few parallel lines across Layla’s thighs. Still, he forced them to wait.

Finally, he dropped the cane to his side and walked to the girls’ side. He grabbed Elle by the hair, pulling her to look at him. “Come for me,” he ordered, “Right now.” She shattered, the orgasm taking her in violent waves of pleasure. He held her that way for a moment, watching her, enjoying her.

“I’m not even close to done with you, beautiful.” He leaned in to kiss Elle hard on the mouth, before stepping over to collect a small jar from one of his kits. He positioned himself behind Elle, straddling Layla’s legs but standing between Elle’s spread legs. He released his cock from his pants, lubing it up generously before setting it against Elle’s asshole.

Elle lifted herself up a bit, putting both hands out to support herself, giving Layla the opportunity to move and shift a bit underneath her. Franklin ran a hand down one girl’s leg and up the other’s. He leaned over them both, so that he could see both of them.

“Come as many times as you like,” he offered wickedly, before straightening up and pushing his cock into Elle’s ass.


  1. Very hot trio of posts. Thanks Lizzie.