Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost Punishment

I can rarely get into the punishment headspace, even in a roleplay, because I love the sensation of being spanked!  As one of my friends is fond of saying – “If you look up ‘pain slut’ in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Lizzie.” – because I always grin when he’s spanking me.  It’s hard to feel punished when someone is doing exactly what you crave them to do.

I got close to that discipline headspace, however, when I did a “kinky” dean-student scene on Friday night at FMS.  Of course I played a student who wasn’t living up to her potential, partying too much, or some such nonsense.  It was a fairly standard scene, allowing that the Dean was strapping his wayward student (hello, Friday night!).

Midway through the scene, he paused, got some ice, and ran it over my bottom and thighs, which caused it to melt and run down my legs, as you might expect.  At this point, he realized the scene had gotten a little “kinky” and our banter changed.  Instead of “you wouldn’t be getting spanked if you hadn’t been so naughty” the lecture turned to “if you hadn’t been so naughty, we would be enjoying a nice good-girl spanking…and other nice things…instead of this!”  Not those words, of course, but that sort of theme.

Even as I laughed inside, the scene changed for me.  This was more real (yeah, it’s a little scary inside my head).  But it was a scene appropriate, if somewhat disturbing in the light of day, way of turning something I love – spanking – into something that almost felt like punishment.  The stereotypical, “I wish I didn’t have to do this and I’m sure you’re unhappy I’m doing it,” falls flat with me – I love being spanked and I don’t really want someone to do it if they aren’t enjoying it too!

But this scene turned that sideways, attacked it from a different angle, played with it in a unique way.  Because, yeah, there are other types of spanking I enjoy…and while I enjoyed this, it got the punishment feel because he had set me thinking of other possibilities.


  1. It wasn't a typical scene for me at all, but it was fun!

  2. Punishment is a total mindset kind of thing. Like you, I'm a TOTAL pain slut, but when I do something that I know my Top won't like, and I'm about to get punished for it, my mind goes to that place where punishment is real, not some play thing. I can get spanked all day for days on end if it's for play, and I'll never cry. One punishment spanking and I'm a blubbering mess. It's another one of those things that's difficult to explain if the other person has never experienced it.