Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Caught (Jon series)

This is what I call a "two-feet on the floor" fantasy - a short story without the blow-by-blow account of the spankings, you can use your imagination to fill in the details.  This story is a prequel to Assistant Principal (posted June 14):

“Exactly what do you think you are doing, young man?”

Surprise at being interrupted caused Jon to loosen his hold and Lizzie took the opportunity to remove herself from his lap.

“Being mean to me,” Lizzie answered flippantly, rearranging her skirt and flopping down next to Jon on the sofa.

Mrs. Huckleberry gave her daughter a skeptical look; then turned her attention to Jon, “You can tell me what this is about or I can spank both of you until you tell me. Your choice.”

The threat was enough to make the choice a simple one, “Lizzie got suspended.”

“Jon! You promised you wouldn’t tell!”

“That was before...”

Mrs. Huckleberry considered the pair for a moment before saying, “So, you were going to spank her and not bother to tell me. And what, she’d spend the day with you so I’d think she was at school?” At Jon’s nod, she turned her questions on her daughter, “Exactly what did you get suspended for?”

“Skipping class,” Lizzie answered sullenly, still glaring at Jon.

“How long?”

“A week.”

“A week’s suspension for skipping class?” Her incredulity faded to comprehension as she looked from one to the other, “This isn’t the first time, is it?”

The two exchange guilty looks but admitted nothing.

“Alright, you were going to punish her. Let’s see then. Go on, don’t let me stop you.” She pulled up a seat to watch, continuing a litany of encouragement until Jon pulled Lizzie back over his lap.

“You will hardly make an impression on her if you leave her panties up. Come on now, do a proper job of it. You must know this little plan has earned you both a good caning. You want to do a good job of warming her up. Here, use the hairbrush.” The stream of encouragement continued until she judged Lizzie well enough spanked for the moment. Taking hold of Lizzie’s ear, she pulled the girl up and placed her nose in the corner.

Her lecture to Jon was short as she allowed the hairbrush to do most of the talking. Then she had them switch places, taking Lizzie over her lap for a brief second round.

With both bottoms warmed up, she had them bend, side-by-side, over the end of the bed. Figging and a thorough caning were in order for this scheme.


  1. I have to admit that figging or other sexual play within a parent-child scenario squicks me. But there must be something in the air, as there have been quite a few posts like that lately. You might enjoy Pandora's take on these scenes, along with the stories by Natty & Debbie Ann to which she links: http://pandorablake.blogspot.com/2010/07/discovering-debporn.html

  2. @Indy - It was written as a roleplay scenario for three adults, two playing roles as children, I suppose...but that aspect never even occurred to me!

    I love comments that allow me to see a story through another person's eyes. Our perspectives can be so different.

  3. Normally, I don't do incest stories either. But in this case, the details were so vague that the reader/roleplayer can easily build on their foundation and take it in another direction. And an attractive older woman spanking and figging a younger boy and girl who she ISN'T related to is pretty hot to me.