Monday, June 21, 2010

FMS - A scene with Miss Chris

To finish my weekend at FMS, I had a lovely roleplay with Miss Chris Monday morning.  This is my version of events, with a few comments/thoughts where I couldn't help myself.

Miss Chris had decided upon an Aunt-niece roleplay.  Me, as a college student, spending the summer on the beach with my Aunt.  Naturally, I’ve been running around on the beach, getting drunk, mouthing off to people, fooling around with boys, and such.  She had set out a bar of soap, an evil little paddle with a hole in it, a bath brush, and … at least a cane, maybe more.  She said I needed to learn to respect her and insisted I answer with “ma’am" - something I had wanted to try.

When we started into the scene, I couldn’t think of much to say (typical), but I can always roll my eyes and sigh – that comes entirely too naturally.  Miss Chris had me stand up and she took off my glasses.  I think I rolled my eyes and looked away at something she said…and she slapped me!

(When Jenni had talked about being smacked such, I cringed inside, even though she said she liked it.  Slaps to the face scream trailer-park domestic violence, which is totally not my headspace, to me in a way that nothing else does.  If it hadn’t been Miss Chris, I think I would have hit the door running; twice as fast if it had been anyone male.  Perhaps it is primarily in the M/f context that it squicks me.  But, at least in this instance, that wasn’t my response at all.  It made me feel…almost submissive.  It sure as hell got my attention!  And I maybe kinda liked it…at least in this limited application.)

Dang, that got my attention nearly as well as taking my ear does…maybe even more so.  And she did that too, of course.  (And yeah, I so love that.)  But the face-slap probably did more to put me in the scene than anything else.  She also took the tawse to my palms, which I love, but which puts me further into that shaky, submissive mindset.

So I followed my ear willingly to the bedroom, where she took me over her knee using her hand and that evil paddle.  I can attest to the fact that her hand is fully recovered from the unfortunate fire incident!  I think I hovered; I was sensitive from a long weekend of spanking, not that she stopped!

Then, even though I had paid attention and not said anything naughty at all, she had me follow her into the bathroom for that miserable bar of soap.  Yuck!  And what am I supposed to do, talk around the bar of soap?  I didn’t figure I wanted to touch the soap any more than absolutely necessary…but she kept asking me questions!  When she took the soap out and let me rinse – that was worse!  I had managed to keep my tongue from it too much, but when I rinsed – soap everywhere.  Yuck again!  (I think I can skip the soap in the future; the threat is more than sufficient.)

I think she caned me next.  I don’t really know for sure as it gets a little foggy here – and painful.  Did I mention I was tender from the weekend?  I know Miss Chris paused to attempt a picture of the blood spatter pattern she created with the cane, but I don’t think the picture came out.  She ended the scene by taking me back over her lap and using a bath brush.  (I think...things are seriously fuzzy at this point.)

I got into a very good headspace in the scene.  An intense scene, it rather surprised me.  I loved the “yes, ma’am” and “no, ma’am” aspect, even if it is very hard for me to keep up.  I love having my ear taken, something I discovered in Atlantic City.  I don’t know what Miss Chris does, but no one else takes my ear like she does.  The slap startled me into the scene, which was rather unique and very expected.  And the tawse, really, need I even say anything?  (I know, it's a quirky addiction I have.  If you don't share this addiction, I'm fairly certain that it's impossible to explain.)

As always, a well played scene with a wonderful lady.


  1. Your description of the *slap* is right on. I actually had a HUGE aversion to the whole idea of being slapped. It's so invasive. I also had had some bad experiences with it in the past. Ma'am and I have tested it out in a non-scene. One evening I asked Her to slap me and She did-in a very careful and safe manner, but boy it hurt! And, to my surprise, I liked it...ALOT!

    :-) Nice to see you here!


  2. I like the "careful and safe manner" description - I think that's a big part of it. It wasn't as though she just turned around and slapped me; she took my glasses off first and generally took care about it. But WOW was I surprised by it! Like you, I was surprised in more ways than the immediate response - I liked it.

  3. I'm fascinated by this on a variety of levels.

  4. Lizzie very nice description ,Miss Chris knew you needed big spanks ,nice blog ,love and spanks ,tim xx