Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paradox Play

This fantasy goes a bit beyond simple spanking play - consensual play between adults with sexual themes.  If this isn't your thing...go away!  (I'm horny and unapologetic tonight.)

"Paradox play, huh?" his question was more of a statement as he considered her, "I'll start with something you know you like, and perhaps we'll try some other things.  First, though, strip."

She stepped out of her shorts and smoothly pulled her shirt over her head.  In that quick motion, she stood naked before him.

"Your bra and panties were supposed to send me a message," he considered the lack of both, "What message are you sending me?"

"I'm hiding nothing from you."

"Nice.  Very nice."  His hands rand lightly over her breasts and down her sides, tracing the lines of her hips, "But I'm still going to beat you."

"I'd be rather disappointed if you didn't."

"Pile pillows on the bed and make yourself comfortable."

She followed his direction.  The snap of rubber gloves and the sharp scent of fresh ginger left no doubt as to how the scene would begin.  The ginger slid in with the help of cool water and he made a few changes to her position before beginning with the cane.  A variety of strokes woke her skin - thudding taps across her back and shoulders, stinging cuts across thighs and calves, the ringing of perfectly laid lines across her lower bottom.

"It's hard, isn't it?" he asked as he focused a series of stripes across the base of her bottom, "You want to clench because it hurts, but if you clench, it hurts."

"Mmmmm...yeah," was all she managed to say, struggling with the paradox he described.

Watching her, reading the changes in her breathing and the tension in her skin, he finally set the cane aside, exchanging it for the sensation of his fingernails.  His nails swept from her shoulder to her ankle before switching sides.  He drug his fingernails up her body to the other shoulder, fine white lines marking her pink flesh.  Reaching her neck, he squeezed for a moment before tangling his finger into her hair and pulling her head back.  Her eyes were glazed and her smile one of pure delight.

"Turn over for me, beautiful."  He pulled pillows out of the way as he helped her over.  His hands ran down her arms and he pulled her hands to her head, "Hands behind your head."  Her eyes focused on him, following him as he moved down the side of the bed.

"Knees apart, feet together."  She positioned herself and he reached between her legs to settle the ginger more deeply.  She moaned and wiggled against him.

"No, beautiful.  Stay sill for me now.  Can you do that?"

"Yeah," her voice was quiet, as though it traveled some distance from subspace to him.

Vampire gloves made her skin shudder, but she managed to stay mostly still for him.  He rolled down her arms, one finger at a time, beginning at her wrists and tapping his way down across her chest.  Reaching her breasts he took them in his hands and squeezed.  At that, she jerked a bit and he pulled back.

"Stay still, got it?"

"Yeah," her breath quickened as he made his way down her stomach and down her inner thighs.  He worked his way back upwards, ignoring her moan as he skipped the area between her legs.

"Later, beautiful.  I've plans for that later.  Hold very still for me now."  His hands returned to her breasts.

He squeezed again.  This time, she held still for him.  She took a deep breath when he squeezed harder and another when he abruptly released her.  Slipping the gloves off, he took up the cane again.  Light aiming taps against her breasts brought her eyes back to him.  Instead of taking the threatened swing, he took a nipple between his fingers and squeezed, pulling upwards.  Moaning, she arched her back.

"Did I give you permission to move?"


"Down."  His eyes locked with hers as she forced herself flat.  His fingers tightened and cruelly twisted as her body pulled away.  Her breath came in fast, hard gulps by the time she resumed her original position.  He lined up the cane with her extended breast.




Three red welts raised on the underside of her breast, a stroke following each word, but she held perfectly still.  She whimpered when he took the other nipple and pulled.  Her body trembled with the effort of remaining still.




Matching stripes appeared on the other side, one following each word.  He set the cane aside and took her breasts in his hands, lowering his moth to one sensitive nipple.

"Awww," she complained when he pulled away.

"You like that, did you?"

"Yeah," she admitted.

"I should do it again?" he offered, tracing the red lines with a finger while reaching for the cane.

"  I'm good."

"Hmmm," he fingered the welts a bit more, "Yes, I've other things to do.  But this," he pinched a nipple, "I can keep this up."

Nipple clamps affixed, he moved his attention south.  Her inner thighs got the most of the cane's attention, but a few swings reddened more sensitive spots.  As though they were one, their breathing grew ragged, harsh gasps punctuated by the sound of the cane landing.

(To be continued...)


  1. Good lord. I think I'm going to have to go take a cold shower...

  2. aaaaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkkkkk!!!
    (runs from the room!) ... but then stops abruptly.. turns, .. and feels compelled to peek back in the room as I have found myself curious, and mesmerized, and compelled to see what happens next!

  3. Thank you for the very honest reaction, Zelle! Even if I'm not entirely sure what to make of it...

  4. LOL.. oh it just read over my comfort zone (limits and fear of canes), but you know what they say.. "face what ya fear!" (grins).. So at first it may have skeert me! But then I couldn't help but be compelled to watch and learn and maybe wanna be her!! :-)

  5. Ah...that I understand. I was definitely writing outside my comfort zone. :)

  6. David WilliamsonJuly 13, 2010 at 4:37 AM

    Hi Lizzie,

    Cold shower, indeed :)

    It's been too long...

  7. Sounds like a personal problem...

  8. OK, that was totally, totally hot. Only the nipple clamps got to me, but that's most likely a personal problem. ;)

    Wondering whether some of this is physiologically possible, but I prefer to believe it is...

  9. I'm glad you liked it, Indy. Or at least, most of it. :)

    I'm tempted to ask which part got you thinking about whether it is physiologically possible...but I'm almost afraid to ask! Maybe it's safer to just think "fantasy" and move on...