Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paradox Play (part 2)

Rated X:  This story goes beyond a simple spanking story.  If you're easily squicked, skip this one!  Otherwise, enjoy and remember that it is fantasy, not a script or a suggestion.

This story is dedicated to [the man my husband calls] my "boyfriend"..."the object of my limerence"...or whatever we're calling it this week, love.  Thank you for all your encouragement and support.

-               -               -

"I'm doing all the work here, Beautiful. You turn, I think." He set the cane aside and knelt beside her on the bed. His nails scraped against the fresh welts on her thighs, causing her to squirm. He froze and glared at her until she stilled. His fingers wandered to her hips, tracing the lines, he closed his eyes for a moment. But he pulled one hand and away and thrust first one finger, then two, deep inside her.

"Squeeze me," he commanded.

"But...the ginger."

"Did you think I'd forgotten?" his thumb tapped the base of the ginger still in place. "Do as you are told or I'll replace it with something you really won't like. "

Her eyes flicked immediately to the enormous glass plug he left out after showing her earlier. Double bulbed, it was larger than anything she had tried before. She forced herself to obey him.

"That's right. Again. "

With his free hand, he retrieved his wartenberg wheel and traced designs on her flat stomach. Her breathing grew ragged as she forced herself to squeeze his fingers while her senses were teased by the rolling wheel. When she approached the brink of orgasm, he withdrew his fingers and slapped her pussy hard.

"Not yet, little one. " He leaned over and licked one clamped nipple, then blew on it, giving her a cold sensation. She whimpered in response and he did then same to the other side.

He stood up, gathered a few things, and returned to her side, not allowing her to see what he had brought.  He attached weights to the clamps and urged her to turn over. He arranged her on all fours, her legs spread wide, and forced her head down to the mattress. Once she was positioned, he reached around to check that the weights hung freely, pulling the clamped flesh.

With his hand in a plastic bag, he removed the ginger, deftly rolling the bag around it for disposal. Gloved fingers spread lubricant on a metal plug. He set the tip of it against her.

"No!" her head flew up and she turned partway around to look at him.

He glared at her, setting the plug down out of her line of sight. He stepped to her side, removing the glove. A bare hand cradled her face, "What did you say?"

"I..." her mouth worked silently, "I'm sorry?"

His other hand slapped her cheek, "Try again."

"I didn't mean it!"

"Hmmm," he stroked her cheek thoughtfully. "I think I've something to keep you from saying things you don't mean," he started to stand.

"Please, I...". A second slap silenced her. And the simple gag he tied in place maintained that silence.

"And did I say you could look?" Despite her frantic head shake, he secured a blindfold over her eyes before pushing her head back down. With a new glove, he resumed his task. She followed his quiet commands, spreading her legs further still and accepting the plug with only a moan.

He took up the cane again, starting on her spread thighs, working up her bottom and back to her shoulders. She gave herself over to the sensation, moaning and whimpering at the strikes. He worked his way back down, pausing to position himself to carefully lay welts down between her spread cheeks. Moving back behind her, he tapped the cane between her thighs, working up and down with varying intensity until she was panting and arching her back.

With a moan, he set the cane aside and took her bottom in his hands, squeezing hard. He pulled away, leaving one hand resting on her back as he reached for his heavy leather paddle. Returning to her, he knelt beside her on the bed, wrapping one arm around her waist and reaching to cup her wet pussy in his hand. Then he began paddling, hard even strokes. She ground against his hand, melding the pleasure with the pain until it wasn't clear where one ended and the other began.


  1. Holy crap! My computer is smoking!!!!

  2. Didn't anyone tell you that smoking is a bad habit? :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!