Friday, September 24, 2010

SL Party Report - Monday/Tuesday

By Monday, the party was wrapping up.  It seems like Monday was a blur of goodbye hugs and promises to email, only some of which I've followed up on because I'm terrible with that.  (If I owe you an email, please email me!)  This was the first party that I've stayed later than all my close friends, and saying goodbye proved to be very difficult.  I've decided it's far easier to leave a little early, saying goodbye to everyone at once and having your attention taken by getting to the airport, getting through security, and getting home before you have time to think about it.  Saying goodbye to each of my friends, individually, and watching them leave, was really difficult.

I won't go through all the individual goodbyes.  Those that I missed were nearly as hard as those I managed to hug goodbye.

I had a nice final scene with Craig.  Bittersweet, though, as we may not see one another until Boardwalk Badness in April.

I also managed to catch up with R, who I had missed at two parties running.  It was lovely to catch up.  He gave me a "good girl" spanking.  The perfect way to wind down a weekend like this.  It happened to fit both needs, as we were able to talk during the spanking.  We had a rather funny discussion about what any vanilla person would think, hearing us.  Our typical scenes last so much longer than any imaginable "spanking" - I cannot imagine what people think we are doing.  I've heard the sounds of smacking, from hotel rooms and hotel elevators, but I cannot dream what an unsuspecting vanilla might imagine.

At every party, there are a few discussions that stand out, this party was no different.  Along with the "what would vanillas imagine is going on" discussion, the following stand out:

  • Erica relating a story where she had impressed a top with her logic, to which she replied, "I think well off my feet."  I laughed until my side hurt, because I, too, think better OFF my feet than on.

  • At the SSNY suite party, I was explaining why I don't often play in truly public parties anymore.  The phenomenon where people approach me and say, "Hi, my name is...would you like to play?"  I'm embarrassed for these people!  There are those people who can say nothing more to me than "Would you like to play?", but those are people I have played with countless times!  I know that's impossible to know, but, really?

On the memorable scale, my return to the airport takes the cake.  First, I must thank Dave and Stacy, who graciously agreed to take me along on their early morning ride to the airport...I'm ever so grateful that I did not have to take a cab.  And they were, understandably, sleep deprived by our early departure.  But the story is simply too good to pass up.

After returning their rental car, we got a luggage cart.  Dave loaded their four bags onto the cart.  I offered to pull my own, because it rolls and I'm used to carting it around after me.  Dave insisted that it was no problem.  He put it on top of the bags, then stacked his own briefcase on top.  He assured me that it was his work laptop, he wouldn't let anything happen to it, so he wouldn't drop my bag.  I wasn't worried about my bag...which turns out to be a good thing.

From the rental car drop off to the airport, we had to go up an escalator.  Stacy and I had fallen some distance behind Dave, talking.  Dave bravely pushed the baggage cart onto the escalator, ignoring the signs prohibiting such an action.  You can imagine what happened at the top of the escalator.  The baggage cart got stuck, finally overturning.  Stacy and I tried to backstep down the escalator, but we were eventually force to tumble over our bags.  (I realized after that if I had simply turned around and walked down the escalator, I could have easily escaped this craziness.  But my mind doesn't function rationally in face of an impending disaster.)  An innocent bystander, texting on her phone while watching us, was nearly doubled over with laughter.  Luckily, we were all unhurt by the events, but I still have to decide if I should bring charges against Dave at the next CP Court.  I'd have to ask him to recuse, of course...

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