Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Holodeck (part 1)

This story goes beyond spanking, a trend in my writing of late.

The message light blinked on her desktop console.  A slow smile stole across Macy’s lips.  A message at this time of night could come from only one person – her lover, Colin.  She touched the screen, pulling up the brief message.

HoloDeck 4AA

Next Off-Shift

Our Standard Rules

Macy’s heart raced.  Their standard rules were an override to holodeck protocols, allowing him to control every aspect of the programs.  It had taken months to perfect their “standards,” but every scenario since had been incredible.  Macy closed her eyes against the sudden rush of heat.  Her body ached, needing him.

He hadn’t given her any hints as to the scene they would play out.  Her mind raced with questions.  She tapped the respond icon and listed off a string of questions.  She paused, considering the list.  Several taps later, she sent only the expected response:


*          *          *

His next message hit her comm-unit just as she finished her last shift of the week.

A tour of history.  Hope you’re good with dates.

Macy came to an abrupt halt in the corridor.  Heedless of the people jostling by her, leaving their shifts, she stared at the message in horror.  History classes had been a struggle for her, primarily because she was incapable of remembering names and dates.  Colin knew that.

Her fingers flexed to write a stinging response, but instead she hooked her comm-unit back on her belt.  She could spend a delightful evening reviewing the wank stories they had exchanged.  The written fantasies had served as negotiation when they first started playing, teasing out the things they wanted to try.  If Macy remembered correctly, many of them were set in different time periods.  Colin always included a date in the setup, so she had as well.

*          *          *

Macy arrived at the designated HoloDeck well ahead of schedule.  One late appearance had been plenty for her!  Colin had little mercy for her when she obeyed him, but things were worse when she did not.  The door opened to her palmprint, the computer recognizing her as an authorized user.

Macy stepped to the room’s console and completed the formalities.  She noted that Colin had reserved the room for the entire six hour shift.  A tiny shiver raced down her back; this would be a long scene.  She called up their standard rules and provided her thumbprint as consent.  She submitted to the quick body scan that checked she was sober and in good health, validating her consent.  She stripped her one-piece spacesuit and hung it neatly in the provided locker.  As the door latched, the simulation began.

Macy found herself in an Earth-style office.  A window office, she noted the view from the windows curiously.  The office looked out over a courtyard, the windows of several other offices easily visible.  She wondered if those office workers could see into this office as easily as she could look into theirs.  The tree branches outside were bare, the ground covered with a light dusting of snow, but the office was warm.

She wore a women’s power-suit – a straight A-line skirt, classic button down shirt, tailored jacket, and classy high heeled shoes.  She reached a hand to check her leg – yup, nylons covered her smooth skin.  She followed the stockings up, finding garters securing the nylons.  A bit more self-exploration found sheer black panties and a matching bra.

She stepped over to the desk.  Her name graced the multiple framed diplomas hanging behind the desk.  It was her office, she thought.  A professional, though the field was not immediately apparent.  She glanced out the window again, enjoying the view that was so different from her space ship existence.

“Daydreaming, love?  Colin closed the door behind him with a loud bang.  He also wore a suit, impeccably tailored.  He pulled her into a kiss before she could respond.  His hand twisted through her hair, he controlled the kiss.  Their bodies pressed hard together, grinding against one another.

“Happy to see me?” he pulled away enough to ask.  Simple shock, as much as the hand still tangled in her hair, kept her from moving as his other hand slipped down to check.  His hand slipped up her skirt, pushed her panties aside, and dove into her.

“Yes, love.  Please,” she moaned, thrusting herself against his fingers.

“Dirty little whore,” he growled, withdrawing from her.  He pulled her jacket off and tossed it across the room.  He tore her shirt open, heedless of the buttons.  “Only a dirty little girl would wear something this provocative to work.”  He fingered the sheer bra, teasing her nipples.  “What happens to naughty little girls, Macy?”

“They get spanked?” she asked hopefully, arching her back to thrust her breasts towards him, offering herself to him.

Colin pushed her over to the window, her hips level with the window-sill.  He shoved her skirt up and tore her panties right off, tossing the shredded fabric to the floor.  He began smacking her bottom, hard and fast, without warmup.  His other hand rose to her neck, grabbing her firmly.  She melted against him, giving herself over to him.

He took advantage, pushing her hard against the window.  Her nipples pressed against the cold glass, tightening painfully.  He shoved her legs wider apart.

“Don’t move, little one.”  He opened his jacket and removed his belt.  He lined up the folded leather with her bottom.  “What will they think, over there, if they see you?  Hot little breasts pressed up against the window, getting a good spanking?”

She moaned but only offered her bottom up to him, arching her pack, pressing her nipples firmly against the window.  He laid into her with the supple leather belt, the crash of it against her ass causing him to mutter an occasional “Nice!” as a counterpart to her moans and whimpers.

He dropped the belt and his fingers plunged into her.  She rocked back against him.  His other hand slide between her and the window, pinching her taunt nipple painfully.

“Dirty little slut,” Colin pushed into her, “What would your boss think if he saw you, huh?”

Fingers still deep inside her, he pushed her over to the desk, kicking her feet further apart.  He reached over the desk and picked up a handful of binder clips.  He bent them carefully, ensuring they wouldn’t close fully.  He pinched her nipples before clipping them with his modified binder clips.  He knelt between her legs and repeated the process with larger modified binder clips.

“Fuck,” she ground out, clenching her teeth against the pain.

“You want me to fuck you, Macy?” he growled in her ear.  “Insatiable slut like you, I bet you keep something in your desk.  What do you think?”

A bit of rummaging produced a lovely glass dildo, carefully stored in a velvet case.  “In your office, Macy?  My, my, whatever do you do with this?”  He plunged it into her wet pussy, the textured glass sliding in effortlessly.  Macy bucked her hips, working the dildo deeper inside her.

“No,” Colin said thoughtfully, withdrawing the dildo, “That might be how you’d use it.  But I’m not nearly so nice.”  He set the wet glass against her tiny bottom-hole, adding a bit of lube around the head of it.  Slowly, he worked it into her.  Steadily, he fucked her ass while his fingers played with her slit, occasionally brushing against the binder clips.

“Tell me what year it is, Macy, and I’ll indulge you.  Guess wrong and we’ll skip ahead to my next fantasy.”

Macy’s mind raced, distracted by the sensations he was causing.  The clothing style suggested late twentieth century.  The dates on the diplomas confirmed that guess.  But what year was it now?  She scanned the office, the orange and brown décor suggested late 1970s, but the diplomas were dated later.  She searched the desk, found a calendar, and said, “1985.”

“Smart girl, Macy.  We’ll finish this, then.  Come for me now.”

Macy knew that coming now would make the next scene harder, more intense.  No help for it, though, her body responded to his skilled torture.

With a wave of his hand, the binder clips and other props disappeared and the room dissolved.  She cuddled against him, her head buried in his shoulder.  Where would he take her next?


  1. Wow. Another hot story!

    And you know how I like the scifi and the scene stuff mixed together into one genre. Nice!


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