Monday, September 13, 2010

SL Party Report - Friday

My Friday began with a bracing swim.  The pool was in the shade and, therefore, entirely too cold.  The hot tub was, naturally, in the sun and, therefore, entirely too hot.  Not one to give up on these things easily, I swam several laps in the pool before overheating in the hot tub and heading back to my room for a shower.

I met Gia and Craig for a late breakfast at the Cafe, where we immediately set about confusing our waitress.  We took places that had been vacated by others and the waitress seemed entirely bewildered that we might want to order food at a restaurant.  Imagine that.  We did manage to get food in a timely manner, however, despite having another couple join us a bit later.  Gia performed an amazing feat of turning plain yogurt into some semblance of edibility by adding various jellies and jams.  I'm still not certain the resulting concoction was edible, but she seemed to enjoy it.  For myself, I picked at my fresh fruit and finished off Craig's meal (following my tradition of preferring someone else's meal to my own).

During brunch, I set up a session with M.  We retreated to my room for a kinky Dean-student scene much like the one we had engaged in at FMS, which is described here.  Many thanks to M for such a fun scene.

Because I had gotten up unaccountably early, I decided to take a nap.  But first I sent Craig a text asking him to text me when he was free, as I knew he was playing.  Unlike the day before, Craig did text me...and call me...and pound on my door.  All of which I slept through.  I sent him a text when I woke up and we were able to meet for a quick scene.

I met up with Mike Tanner for a roleplay scene we had planned.  While away at college, his niece (me) had been strip-dancing to earn spending money.  This story deserves a blog of its own, which I'll write after I finish my party reports.  (Someone should remind me.)  For now, suffice it to say that it was a really great scene.

After that, it was time to prepare for the Vendor's Fair.  Craig and I had been discussing the scene for months, it seems, exchanging ideas and stories.  I skipped the schoolgirl theme and wore my white corset, black leather shorts, and heels.  Katy-Lynn stopped by to help me into the corset, but I forgot that I wouldn't be able to bend over to fasten my shoes on.  I wandered down the hallway in search of help, where I was unexpectedly rescued by Erica and J, who each took a shoe.  I met up with Katy-Lynn and her boyfriend, R, who had agreed to accompany me down to the ballroom.  I am grateful for their company, as I did attract more than a few second glances.

Craig and I had planned a "take-down" scene, in which he would surprise me by spanking me without warning.  I caught sight of him when I entered the ballroom, pacing on the far side of the room.  I caught a glimpse of him later, busy at one of the booths.  When he did catch me, I was caught completely off-guard.  He flipped me over his knee and spanked me hard, a scene which I think caught a few people's attention.  It was a great, hot scene for all it was short.  Craig helped me up and gave me a hug and a kiss.  I mentioned that it seemed like forever and he responded with something along the lines of "You came in the room 18 minutes ago."  Details like that can really make a girl feel appreciated and noticed.  Craig knows how to make a scene for me.

If I were doing it again, the only change I would make is to be certain that my escort, in this case R, was expecting it.  R hadn't met Craig, didn't know about our relationship, and was more than slightly concerned.  Katy-Lynn did a stellar job of both blocking the view of my breasts spilling out of my corset from one of the more obvious creepers and restraining her boyfriend at the same time.  Aside from that oversight on my part, an excellent scene.

After a bit more mingling at the Vendor's Fair, Craig and I retreated to my room for the rest of our scene.  On our way through the casino, a random lady stopped and asked us where a particular restaurant was located.  When we admitted we had no clue, she got all flustered and said, "Oh, I thought you worked here!"  Craig and I had quite a laugh over that on our way up to my room.    As for the scene, it was all the things we tried on Thursday - more intense, more powerful, and so incredible it defies description.  It made for an amazing scene.

We had just wrapped up the scene and finished aftercare when my roommate arrived!  I was very excited to see Jada, who was only able to make it to the party at the last minute.  We spent a bit of time catching up, which naturally included another spanking for Jada and I from Craig, and getting into the party spirit before heading for one of the suite parties.

Jada and I met up with a friend of hers and returned to our room for a "bedtime spanking."  Before we got settled in, Craig knocked on the door in search of his toy bag, which he had left in our room.  I stepped out in the hall and quickly became distracted by a conversation.  Before too long, Gia came by and we wandered up to their suite, leaving Jada our room.

Craig spanked me again in his suite, a quick scene that I obviously should have taken better notes of, because it has blurred into the weekend.  (Some might say I should write my party reports more quickly, but I'd ignore those nay-sayers.)

Jada joined us, bringing along Strict Dave, who had come by our room to give us "bedtime spankings".  He had brought along a belt, which he played with suggestively, but I don't remember him using it that night.  Instead, I got a lovely bedtime spanking and called it a night.  All in all, a great official start to the party.


  1. Though blurry for me, too, it still is a good description. How many details does one give of a spanking? After a while, many OTKs would be described much the same way. Thanks for sharing, It's always great to read others' accounts of their experiences and to see an experience I had from another's perspective.


  2. Probably better if I had written it sooner. And yet, the weekend was such a whirlwind of activity...I'm still trying to recover!