Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SL Party Report - Saturday

I have an excuse for not posting this sooner...several excuses.  But let's be realistic, you don't really care - you just want to get a voyeuristic thrill from my adventures.  And I'm an exhibitionist, so this works out. Enjoy!

Despite staying up too late Friday night, I woke up relatively early Saturday.  Jada and I hung out in our room until we found some friends who were up for breakfast.  Did I mention how glad I was to have "my" roommate?  It's wonderful to have someone to enjoy the downtime at parties with, I've certainly been spoiled with that.

We must have eaten breakfast late, or lingered over breakfast, because the next thing I have written down in my notes is the SSNY suite party that afternoon.  I had a great time talking to people there.  To cap off the event, I met Keith Jones.  The first real spanking video I saw, well before coming into the scene, starred Keith Jones and Erica Scott.  Watching them on film is the reason my first party was Shadowlane.  So...way cool once I got over the stuttering, star-struck part.

I left the suite party, planning to watch Craig do a fire and wax scene.   I'm interested, but wanted to watch someone else first.  When the demo didn't show, Craig fit in a short cane scene with me before Jada came up for her turn with fire and wax.  Watching Jada and Craig do the fire and wax scene was quite interesting.  I'm not sure I can stay that still, though.

After Craig had cleaned up from that scene, a group of us were sitting around his suite talking.  Craig wandered over to where I was sitting on the couch, cane in hand.  He dropped it against my leg.  I smiled at him, thinking, I'm sitting here, wearing jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt, but I'm always up for a caning from someone I enjoy.  I thought we would move to a different position, but no - an entire scene with me fully clothed, sitting on the couch, while a group of friends talked around us.  And remarkably, this was one of the hottest scenes of my weekend.  Craig insisted that I tell the room that I'm "a little exhibitionist."  I refused, and the cane struck everywhere.  I finally did mutter it, under my breath, when the conversation got loud around us, but Craig was onto that.  Instead, he insisted I tell the room that I was "a fucking exhibitionist."  For some reason, that was easier.  Go figure!  It's inexplicable, really, but it was an incredibly amazing scene.

When Jada and I had recovered from our respective scenes, we headed down to our room to prep for the Saturday night dinner.  We both followed the "Mad Men" theme, more or less by accident.  I think we looked quite nice, though, especially considering the limits of Jada's last-minute wardrobe and our combined inability to do anything girl-like with our hair.  In fact, given those things, we looked fantastic!

I had great company for dinner.  Brad, as usual, was a wonderful dinner "date".  He even asked me to dance.  Craig also braved my avowed inability to dance.  I enjoyed conversation with L&M at the dinner table, discussing various outfits.  L had great advice for shoes and accessories.  Being something of a tom-boy, I missed all these lessons growing up, so I soaked it all in.

I must admit that the lack of food (somehow, I'd missed lunch) and sleep (to bed too late, awake too early) caught up with me Saturday night.  I called it a night early, finally giving in to the need to sleep.  Craig sweetly stopped by to make sure I was alright.  Jada came to bed soon after, so I didn't feel like such a wimp...although she had the excuse of getting in so late the night before

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