Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HD - A short story

If you haven't read the other HoloDeck should!  That said, the HoloDeck series explores sex and BDSM in a fantasy world where nothing goes wrong, and if it does, they have sci-fi level medical care available.  I find that sort of thing fun and titillating.  Your mileage may vary.  This is a single scene Macy/Colin story. It is unabashedly sexual.  If that sort of thing bothers you, skip this one.

Macy was naked but for the silk and leather color around her neck.  Colin had grown so fond of these slave scenes, Macy thought irritably, that he would do well to buy her a collar to wear outside the HoloDeck.  Macy forced her attention to her surroundings.

She stood in a lushly appointed bed chamber.  Rich tapestries covered the walls, depicting scenes of fantastic sexual adventures.  Plush carpeting covered the floor.  An enormous four-poster bed dominated the room, surrounded by heavy velvet drapes and made up with silk sheets.  Two chairs flanked a small table set under an enormous window.

Macy fingered the collar.  A pleasure slave, then, but a pampered slave.  Macy sat on one of the chairs, sinking into the rich upholstery.  An open journal sat on the table.  Macy checked the date out of habit and flipped through the journal.  Her handwriting filled the pages with graphic details of her lord’s visits.

She squirmed in her chair, her pussy uncomfortably wet.  But it was impossible to set the journal aside.  She slid her fingers down to play with her clit as she read.

“This is what my little one gets up to while I’m away?”  Colin appeared silently beside her.  He wore only a robe, his hair wet from bathing.

“I’m sorry, my lord.”  Macy leapt to her feet.

“No apologies, little one.”  He kissed her, hard.  One arm pulled her tight to him, his other hand slipping between them.  His fingers thrust hard into her wet pussy, fucking her.

She whimpered when he pulled away, but he pushed her hard against the wall, a hand behind her head.  He brushed his robe aside and thrust roughly into her.

“Is that what you wanted, little one?” he growled out as he pumped in and out of her.

“Yes, my lord.  Please.  Take me.”  Her hips thrust against him, her back arched, her body pressed against his.  She came hard and fast, her muscles clenching painfully around him.

“Now that was very naughty, little one!” Colin pulled himself away slightly, glaring at her, “The other, well, I’ll not begrudge you for how you entertain yourself when I’m away.”  A hand stroked her cheek, “But this?”

“I’m sorry, my lord.”  Macy took great gulping breaths, startled by the strength of her orgasm.  She nestled her forehead into the hollow of his shoulder, “Are you going to punish me?”

“Yes, little one.  Lean over the bed for me.  Legs spread, that’s right.  Stretch your hands out to the other side of the bed.  Good girl, arch your back and present your naughty bottom for me.  Nice.”

A heavy leather strap thudded across her bottom.  Macy arched into it, giving her bottom up to him for correction.  The thudding pain was somehow remote after her orgasm, sending pleasant vibrations into her pussy.  Macy held her position easily, only straining to present herself more fully, to open her body to his correction.

“I don’t think this is getting through to you,” Colin tossed the heavy strap to the floor and took up a cane instead.  The sharp pain shattered through Macy, bringing a cry to her lips.  Her body strained, but she held her position.  Colin struck rapidly and hard, hardly giving her a chance to recover between strokes.  White lines appeared on her skin, then red welts.

He laid the welts on evenly, close spaced parallel lines from the fullest part of her bottom to mid-thigh.  Her whimpers teased Colin’s ears and he smiled his satisfaction.  He took a deep breath, rubbing the welts for a moment, letting her think he might be nearly finished.

But he drew back the cane and carelessly struck across the welts.  He laid on crisscrossing stripes, seemingly willy-nilly but actually quite balanced.  Her screamed echoed in the room.

He tossed the cane aside and thrust roughly into her, “Have you learned your lesson, little one?”

“Yes!  Please, my lord.  Please…”

“Quiet,” he ordered, fucking her hard.  His hips pounded into her tender bottom.  She kept her legs spread for him, her body his for the taking.  He reached beneath her, taking her breasts in his hands as he rocked into her.  She moaned and worked her hips against him, pushing hard, taking him deeper inside her.

He felt the muscles across her stomach clench, her breathing change.  He withdrew abruptly, “Did I give you permission, little one?”

“No.  My lord, no, please.  I want…”

“I know what you want, little bit.  Be a good girl now.”  He set his erection against her bottom hole, wet from her juices.  He pulled her bottom open, his hands squeezing the welts, digging into the pained flesh.  She moaned, wordlessly reaching back to hold herself open for him, offering herself.

He moved his hands to her hipbones, slowly pushing into her.  He gave a little sigh when he settled deep into her.  Then he began a slow thrusting, in and out, fucking her bottom.  His fingers reached around to her slit, teasing her.  His hips pressed against the welts.

“Now, you may come,” he panted, his fingers teasing her clit.  She ground against his hand, creating the sensation she needed.  When she clenched up, gasping, he let her go.  Her bottom spasmed around him, brining him to orgasm as well.

“Such a good girl!” Colin rolled off her regretfully.  “Looks like I need another bath, will you join me?”

Giggling, Macy pushed herself off the bed and strolled into the bathroom, her hips rolling seductively at him.


  1. Awesome story, Lizzie! I love this world you have created.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Jada! I know it is...different.