Friday, August 20, 2010

HoloDeck (part 3)

To my love - the man who coaxes these stories out of me at the unlikeliest of times (if my boss had any idea how I spend my workday!)...and gives me the courage to share them with others, as well as the courage to wear shorts, but that's another story entirely. Thank you, love.

Macy was naked again, standing barefoot in a warm room.  She blinked the décor into focus, soft peach tones covered the walls, a slightly deeper color for a plush carpet underfoot.  A vague watercolor hung on the wall, depicting a sexual scene at odds with the spa-like décor.

The door opened to admit a large, matronly figure.  The woman gave Macy a frank head to toe appraisal.  Macy stared back at the woman, trying to match her attire to a wank story.  If it matched, Macy couldn’t remember it.  The woman wore comfortable shoes, loose linen pants and a t-shirt, fitting no particular stereotype.

“He said you weren’t modest,” the woman chuckled, “But I wasn’t expecting that sort of response.”  The woman considered Macy for a moment longer, “Gorgeous natural material, dear.  This should be simple and painless, if you’ll just come along.”

Macy followed the woman into a hallway.  This was very unlike Colin.  Ordinarily, he let the HoloDeck take care of the preparation.  A change, though, could be good.  Perhaps he wished to watch, the voyeuristic thrill of watching her primp for him.  Or, Macy thought abruptly, he wants to ease me into this because it is going to be a difficult scene.

Macy pushed the thought aside.  She would simply enjoy the pampering, come what may.  She rolled her hips as she walked, just in case Colin was watching.

A team of women wearing little more than bikini’s descended upon Macy.  They took her through a bath, rubbing lightly at her skin with foaming soaps.  Several of them dried her with warm towels while others attacked her long hair.  Lotions and oils were applied, her nails cleaned and polished, her hair tamed.

The matron reappeared to inspect Macy.  She carried a set of silk-lined leather cuffs, anklets, and collar.  These were rapidly set into place by the girls.  The matron checked the fit of each, placing them perfectly.  These fit as thought designed for Macy alone.  Elegant craftsmanship made wearing them easy.

“Her Master will apply the rest of her jewelry, girls.  You may go.”  The matron continued to inspect Macy while the girls scattered.  “He has billed you as the quiet, passionate sort, child.  I might even pay to watch tonight.”

With theose cryptic words racing through Macy’s thoughts, she stepped through the doorway the matron indicated.  Colin stood on the other side wearing dark, tight fitted pants that somehow allowed his erection to show.  He had been watching, then.  He wore stylish dress shoes and a dress-shirt styled in the BDSM fashion.  He looked fantastic.

“Tonight you earn your keep, love.  From here on out, the people you see?  They are real.  They are here because I’ve allowed them onto the HoloDeck with us.  To watch.  To participate.”

Macy looked at the crowd with new eyes.  Their dungeon group, for the most part, decked out in the best fetish gear the HoloDeck could supply.  Several recognized professionals, presenters and the like.  Colin had carefully screened out the creepy people.  Colin let her to the stage, into a spotlight that shone on a simple cross.

Colin hooked her wrists out, spreading her arms away from her body.  He linked her ankles to the center pole.  He traced the lines of her body with his hands, his fingertips soft as they teased her skin.

“You’re a horrible tease, Macy.  All these people?  They are here because you’ve offered them something, promised them something, but you always back away, don’t you?  That changes now.”

Colin backed away, just to the edge of the light.  He stayed within Macy’s line of sight.  A crowd of people descended on Macy, their hands touching and prodding.  Mouths teased her skin, licking and nipping.  When Macy looked in one direction, unseen fingers pinched her attention back.  The faces shifted rapidly, the crowd exchanging places peaceably enough.  Colin watched with a little smile of satisfaction, this was one scene Macy would not soon forget.  Doubtless their dungeon would discuss his successful negotiation for months.

Macy closed her eyes against the bewildering display of faces.  Someone took this as a sign to slip a blindfold over her eyes.  For once, Macy welcomed the sensation.  The touching was overwhelming enough without visual stimulation.  The prodding steadily increased.  Pinches got harder.  Caresses became slaps.  Nips became bites.  People fell away, leaving only a half-dozen or so in contact with her.

Suddenly, Colin pushed up hard against her.  The thrust of his fully clothed body rough against her naked skin.  He rubbed the ridge of his erection along her pussy.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you Macy?”

She said nothing, processing the abrupt shift in sensation and not sure what he wanted her to say.  He tore off the blindfold and slapped her hard in one motion.

“You didn’t think this was simply a sensation fest, did you?  That all these people came to touch you?  To taste you?  No, love, they came to see you beaten and fucked

“But a change of scenery first,” Colin said as he unhooked her from the cross.  He pulled her hard against him, possessing her mouth with his.  When he pulled away, the cross had been replaced by a single chain hanging down from the ceiling, two brackets set in the floor.  He positioned her carefully, her legs spread wide, her arms stretched overhead.

“Now for the show.  Lady Galla and her slave have a wager.  Lady Galla intends to make you scream, Macy.  And her slave intends to make you come.  Here’s the catch, love:  You haven’t my permission to do either one.”

Macy’s eyes flew open as Colin stepped away.  Silence was easy; Lady Galla had long had the goal of making her scream during a scene.  But her slave girl was attractive and doubtless talented, and Macy was a horny bundle of nerves after the first scene.

The pair approached.  Lady Galla wore sheer, flowing pants and a loose top, no doubt to keep cool as she worked.  She carried several canes.  Her slave girl wore only what Macy wore – leather and silk collar, cuffs, and anklets.  The girl was immaculately groomed, as always.  The girl dropped to her knees beside Lady Galla when the pair reached Colin.  Lady Galla nodded to Colin, received his nod of permission.

Then began an elaborate dance around Macy.  Lady Galla awakened her skin by tapping lightly, striking every bit of Macy’s fine skin.  Her girl continued the first scene – touching, pinching, licking, nibbling.  The slave teased out Macy’s responses, always careful to keep out of her Lady’s way.

The strokes grew harder; the groping more focused.  Macy moaned, enjoying the sensation but torn by Colin’s restrictions.  Her eyes sought him, where he stood watching intently, and she mouthed, “Please, Colin?”

A smile quirked his lips.  The HoloDeck carried his simple “No,” to her ears.  But the pair had noticed.  Lady Galla’s cane raised welts on Macy’s breasts, buttocks, and thighs.  Her girl settled on her knees between Macy’s legs, her mouth busy, fingers fucking Macy relentlessly.

Macy fought against the sensations, her body bucking against the restraints.  Macy wasn’t sure if she was more terrified of coming in public or defying Colin’s orders, but she fought to control herself.  The pair simply worked harder, pulling every bit of sensation and reaction from Macy’s obliging body.  The orgasm hit and Macy cried out simultaneously.  Waves of pleasure washed over Macy.  The pair withdrew slightly, their hands light on Macy, supporting her, pulling the last aftershocks from her.  Smiling, they withdrew from the spotlight.

Colin stepped into the light, close enough that Macy could feel his breath but not touching her.  Suddenly he slapped her, “Greedy, nasty little slut, aren’t you?  You didn’t have my permission, little one.”

Macy struggled to focus, to catch her breath.  Colin pinched a swollen nipple, rolling it painfully between his fingers and thumb, “Say it, little bit.  Tell them all what you are.”

He slapped her again before she managed, “I’m a dirty little slut.”

“Who can’t follow directions,” he prompted, slapping her again.

“Who can’t follow directions,” she panted out.

“That’s right.” Colin unhooked her wrists, draping her arms around him.  He held her close, “One more scene here, love?” he asked quietly, checking in with her.

She pressed herself hard against him, “Yes, please.  If you’ll fuck me.”

“Oh, I will little one.  But first, a punishment for your disobedience.”


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  3. Soon, Indy. I do actually have the next part written. :)

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