Thursday, August 26, 2010

Holodeck (part 4)

Colin held Macy close while the HoloDeck rearranged the stage.  The brackets released Macy’s ankles and a strange contraption appeared.  Created from Colin’s imagination, the punishment block had been built to Macy’s measurements.  Colin had modeled the block in a light sculpture, the HoloDeck created an item engineered to withstand any imaginable stresses.

The punishment block was like a spanking bench on steroids.  Padded cups molded themselves to Macy’s knees, supporting her as she knelt on them.  A paddled bolster cradled her hips, but swept up and away from her pussy, leaving her exposed.  The curved bolster supported her tummy, then narrowed to a padded bar that rested between her breasts, leaving them exposed as well.

Padded straps wrapped around the back of Macy’s knees.  A protective strap enclosed her waist, protecting her kidneys.  Her legs were spread wide, her wrists linked loosely beneath her tummy.  A modified all-fours position, but floating at a convenient height.

Colin checked the fit, the positioning, Macy’s comfort.  The device fitted her perfectly, supporting her comfortably.  Not that she would remain comfortable, of course, but Colin wanted her focus to be on the pain he and the others would inflict, not some mundane muscle cramp.

“Beautiful,” he muttered as he stepped back, running his fingers over her skin.  He ran his nails along her, digging in, leaving white lines in his wake.  She shuddered and arched for him, aching for his touch.

“Such a fucking sensation whore, Macy!  You’re in position for one hell of a punishment and still you strain for me!”

Macy turned her head slightly to look at him, “I’m yours,” she said simply, her voice shy but ringing with honesty.

“Mine to share?” he kissed her neck, not at all gently.

“Yours,” she repeated, “To do with as you please.”

He groaned, took a fistful of her hair and turned her head to kiss her full on the mouth.  “You make me crazy,” he said shortly, pulling away.  “Some jewelry first.  Decoration, if you will.”

The items appeared as he needed them, planned out in advance.  Heavy nipple clamps, adorned with jewels, were placed on either nipple.  He tightened them down until she gasped.  He set a thick leather rod between her teeth, a chain dangling from either end.  The chains were unnaturally heavy for such sparkling, intricate things.  He attached the chains to the clamps.

“Hold that,” he growled at her when she whimpered, “This isn’t meant to be fun, Macy.”

He circled behind her, taking an enormous glass plug finished with a clear crystal.  A bit of lube and he began working it into her.  The steady pressure combined with the tight clamps caused her to pant, struggling to control her breathing.  Colin worked slowly, liberally applying lube as he worked.  He pushed into her and withdrew, teasing her, mind-fucking her until she gave over to his will and accepted the plug.

He plunged a finger into her wetness, running it around inside her.  “So wet!  Such a naughty girl!”  He withdrew, plunging a thick glass dildo into her.  Too large to be enjoyed, the dildo stretched her uncomfortably.

“Almost done, pet,” he muttered as he slid beneath her.  He spread her lips and sucked her clit clean.  Then he attached one last clamp, the heavy charm pulling her clit painfully.

He circled her, watching her tremble.  He sank down in front of her face, their eyes level.  She stared through him, fighting an internal battle to accept what he had done.  He watched in silence for a moment.

“Too much,” he said, flicking his fingers towards her.  The clamps loosened ever so slightly, the plug and dildo shrunk minutely.  He flicked his fingers again until her eyes tracked him.  “The decorations aren’t your only punishment, little one.  I’m going to let some of our paying guests beat you.  But you are not to come, you dirty slut.”

He smacked her face, rocking it to one side, pulling the chain roughly.  Before she recovered, he smacked her in the other direction, jerking that nipple painfully.

“You come again, Macy and I’ll crop your pussy until you are in tears,” he fingered her chin with one hand, his other sneaking through to slip between her pussy lips, “Only then will I cane your pussy, got me?”  He smiled at the rush of wetness brought on by his threats.

“God, I love you!” he flicked his fingers again, ever so slightly reducing the pressure on her.  The decorations were meant to torment her during the punishment, not be the punishment.

Colin stood up, his crotch in Macy’s face, to beckon the first customer over.  Macy nuzzled against him, her breath harsh as her movement caused the chains to tug and pull.  Colin took a fistful of her hair, pulling her face up to look at him.  She whimpered and sobbed at the lightening bolts of pain that shot through her nipples.

“Be good!” he said harshly, drinking in her reaction.  Abruptly, he released her head.  Her body trembling, she returned to her delicate nuzzling. Colin did his best to ignore her, instead watching the first man aim his heavy strap across Macy’s bottom.

The blows rocked Macy into his dick.  He tangled a hand in her hair again, but this time used it to keep himself moving with Macy.  He watched her body language, her breathing and enjoyed her teasing efforts.  He petted Macy as she struggled through a round of heavier blows, finally waving the man off.

“Insatiable little girl,” he murmured as he knelt down to check on her.  Her eyes tracked him, her breathing easy, and her lips curled up in a tiny smile around the leather bit between her teeth.  He unbuttoned his fly as he stood, waving over another customer.

Macy caught Colin’s zipper with her lips, no easy task with the leather rod in her mouth.  All but ignoring the person beating on her, she worked the zipper down and pushed the fabric aside.  The first customer was replaced by another and another, each wearing themselves out using straps and floggers on her vulnerable backside.

Colin knelt again, checking her.  Her lips worked frantically, so he withdrew the leather.

“Please, Colin…”

“Please what, little one?”

“I want to feel you.  Please?”

Colin nodded as he stood, pulling his pants further to the sides, pushing his silk boxers beneath his balls, freeing his erection for her.  “Insatiable,” he muttered as she pushed herself against him.

Her lips teased at his cock, her breath warm against his bare flesh.  She ignored the pain in her nipples in her push to pleasure him.  But the teasing was pushing Colin’s limits; he needed something more or something less.  He pulled her up sharply by the hair, jerking her breasts.  He nodded to the next customer.

This one took and odd position, handing his cane to Colin and grasping Macy’s hair.  The customer held Macy firmly. Colin dropped to a knee to get the right angle.  He brought the cane up sharply against Macy’s taunt breast.

Macy thrashed against the hold in her hair, but the man held fast.  She bucked and arched her back, but her motion was limited.  Colin coolly caned her breasts until silent tears streaked down Macy’s face.  Colin nodded to the man, who gently lowered Macy’s head, easting the intense pressure.

Colin stepped around behind her and began on her thighs.  The cane raised welts, angry red welts on her already tortured skin. He smacked one thigh at a time, alternating sides, cruelly allowing the cane to wrap and bite into her inner thighs.

Macy finally dropped the leather bar, the dropping weight pulling a deep moan from her, “Please!” she cried out.

“Has my little pain slut had enough?” Colin teased, tracing the cane tip over her bottom and legs.

“Please Colin?”

He circled around to her front, tapping wickedly on the leather bit.  He pulled her up by the hair, considering.  Finally he pointed to the crowd.

“You,” he said, pointing, “get her some water.  You, you, you, and…yes, you.  I’ll take your help for the final bit.  Over here for a moment, please.”

Gentle hands held Macy’s cheeks, encouraged her to drink cool, refreshing water.  The hands brushed back her hair and Macy saw Lady Galla’s slave girl, quietly tending to her.  The girl lightly kissed Macy’s cheek before slipping away.

Colin took his place, his pants removed.  He stood confidently in front of Macy, his proud erection just out of her reach.  A million tiny pinpricks ticked her back – vampire gloves – two hands, four hands, six.  The hands explored her body as Colin pushed himself forward.

“Remember what I told you.  I come first, Macy, or I promise you, you won’t like what happens.”

Macy nodded her agreement.  Vampire gloves teased her breasts, her bottom, her sides, her legs, even her wet pussy.  Unseen hands removed the clamps, pulling them roughly away.  One hand took up the dildo, working it in and out rhythmically.  Another unseen hand grasped the butt plug, fucking her relentlessly.  Four hands, sometimes six, continued to torment her with vampire gloves.

Macy struggled to ignore the sensations, to put the rhythm of the fucking into her own rhythm of pleasing Colin.  Colin groaned and pulled away, “Not yet, little one.”

The crowd shift.  Colin removed the dildo and slid himself into her.  His hips thrust against her throbbing backside, each time pushing hard against the plug.  One displaced helper slid beneath Macy and took her nipples into an unseen mouth.  That mouth suckled and teased Macy’s breasts while the vampire gloves continued and Colin thrust powerfully into her.

Macy felt the last powerful thrust and the pulsing that signaled Colin’s climax.  Fingers, his or someone else’s, found her clit and rubbed her to climax, his cock still deep within her.

The crowd melted away, leaving the two of them.  Colin waved a weary hand and transferred them to a deep, warm bath, their bodies still entwined.

“You are so fucking amazing, Macy,” Colin managed, cuddling her in the warm water.

“You are pretty fucking amazing yourself, Colin.  The way your mind works…”

Colin silenced her with a kiss.  Their hands played under the water, enjoying this simple pleasure of one another nearly as much as the elaborate scene.

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