Saturday, August 14, 2010

Story Disclaimers

If you've read much of my blog, you know that I write a variety of stories.  Some fiction, some fantasy, some recountings of real life scenes.  For the most part, the response has been good.  As adults, we know that our fantasies often exceed our limits.  We understand that the scenes we happily engage in with one individual would never be recreated with another.

There are those who misunderstand, of course.  I've ranted about that some.  I tried a disclaimer on one of my stories, but found that only encouraged the creeps to respond "cleverly" to my disclaimer.  (I deleted those comments...I have no patience with fools.)  But a concerned friend of mine thinks that every story should have a disclaimer.  I'm torn.

It's possible that the majority of non-commenting readers are blithely thinking that I would consider doing something I've written about with them.  A disclaimer might clarify that for them - the answer being a resounding "Hell no!"

Perhaps it is worth dealing with the occasional smart remark on my disclaimer to make sure that people don't get the wrong idea.  Or...I can simply allow the idiots to weed themselves out when they approach me with suggestions based on my fiction.

Thoughts?  Take my poll and leave a comment!

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  1. I have a "Rated R" disclaimer that is in my header... comes up every time someone opens my blog.. no matter what blog.. cause it's at the top. I don't preface each blog with it's own individual disclaimer, nor do I put it in my ABOUT section.. my header for "No Domme Blonde" tells what I do.. and gives them the chance to "BEAT IT!" (heehee)

    The way I see it.. "GROW THE F**K UP PEOPLE!".. geeze louise... they are here reading my blog of their own free will knowing what I write about ahead of time .. that means.. if they don't like the subject matter, and consequently... what I've written.. they can take a hike at any time. (I'd love to tell em'.... "Please don't leave any trash behind as when go..") -- (heehee)

  2. Hmmm, I just realized that my blog doesn't have a disclaimer on it. It's not searchable by google, so people are unlikely to just drop by, but I've put one on now.

    As for your question, my take is that there will be clueless people no matter what. You can't legislate courtesy and empathy, unfortunately. On the other hand, I did find it very difficult when I first began reading blogs to separate fantasy from reality, so I understand how honest confusion arises.

  3. Mine isn't searchable by google either, but I stole your method and added a short disclaimer thing. Thanks for the idea! And the instruction (as we all know by now that I don't read directions).