Friday, December 23, 2011

Trio - part 1

This story goes beyond spanking, into BDSM with a very sexual scene. If that isn't your something else.

They entered the courtyard a laughing trio, having enjoyed a leisurely dinner full of banter and bratting. Franklin walked between the girls, dressed in tight jeans and a black dress shirt with details that hinted at the climax of their evening. The girls that bookended him wore cute party dresses, but there the similarity ended. Elle, the taller of the pair, pulled a rolling bag full of implements; Layla carried her change of clothes in a messenger bag slung across her fit body.

Franklin paid their entrance fee and drifted off to talk to friends while the girls slipped off in different directions. Elle assessed the scenes in progress, the equipment available, and the prevailing mood in each room. Franklin had given her specific instructions. She picked a spot and laid open his bag on the floor.

She pulled her dress over her head with a practiced motion, utterly unselfconscious about being nearly naked in a room full of people. Franklin and she were known here. And while she played with others, none would approach her while she was alone. The hand that curled around her bare waist could only belong to her lover; her body responded automatically, leaning back against him and curling around him.

Franklin spun her around and kissed her deeply. They spent a moment in a tight embrace, oblivious to the room and people around them. Finally, he slid his hands to her wrists, squeezed them tightly and pulled her away enough to look at her.

She wore the ridiculously high-heeled black-and-purple shoes she had fallen in love with when she’d seen the corset-like lacing up the back. Black seemed stockings lengthened her already long legs, held in place by a black lace garter belt. Over that, she wore a tiny purple thong. A simple, gold, curved barbell graced her bellybutton. Her naturally perky breasts were lifted slightly by a push-up, black lace bra.

Around her neck, she wore the “collar” they had settled on for everyday wear. It was styled after a “Return to Tiffany” bracelet they had found when they were first dating - a wide, but simple, gold chain that fit closely just above her collarbone, with a smooth pendant that rested at the base of her throat. The phrase engraved there – Return to Franklin – was as acceptable in the vanilla world as it was understandable in this world.

Franklin smiled, well pleased with the way his girl looked tonight. He squeezed her wrists tight, almost painfully tight, smiling at the way she melted in front of him.

“Something is missing, little one,” he said quietly.

She sunk down to her knees, turning quickly to his bag and removing the black and purple wrist restraints Franklin had gotten custom made for her. He fastened them around her wrists easily, though the process was not so simple as he made it look. These restraints closed with a purple lacing detail similar to that on her shoes and many corsets, instead of the typical belt buckle closure. This pair was more decorative than functional, though they served a purpose.

“Beautiful,” he said approvingly as she rose again to her feet. He cupped her cheek in his hand and after checking in with her once more, admonished her to finish her part of the preparations while he sought out the third participant in their scene.

Elle found the cleaning supplies that were neatly hidden in a nook and wiped down the bench she had selected. She laid out a towel on the floor and began to arrange Franklin’s implements. She tried different arrangements – from stingy to thuddy, from large to small – before settling on one that pleased her eye. She rolled her dress neatly and tucked it into his bag. She flipped out a smaller towel and opened one of his neat kits to unpack a range of items he used for nipple torture. On the third and final towel, she placed the other kits, unopened in case he wanted them.

By the time she finished, Franklin had returned with Layla. Their scene had clearly started in the other room, for he dropped into the chair closest to Elle and flung Layla over his lap. He rolled up her tight skirt immediately before laying into her backside with his hand. Elle moved around to kneel where she had a better view.

“The nanny paddle,” Franklin snapped, pausing only long enough to reach for the implement that Elle placed instantly in his hand. The loud smacks of the paddle echoed through the room, causing at least one casual conversation to stop while the interested parties stared at the scene. It was nothing elaborate yet, though, so conversations resumed around them as Franklin worked his way through different implements.

Elle knelt quietly where she could both watch the scene and reach the necessary implements to effect the exchanges that Franklin requested. At one point, she stood and removed the girl’s panties at his direction and under his watchful eye.

“Is she wet?” he demanded before Elle had the chance to retreat.

Elle slid cool fingers between Layla’s legs, and responded quietly, “A bit.”

Franklin slide his own fingers into the girl’s pussy as Elle sunk back to her knees, “Not as wet as you are, love?”

Elle had the grace to look down, though she smiled. Franklin reached out and smacked her face, “Don’t try to hide from me, pet. I know you.”

They returned to the easy flow of the scene. He would demand an implement. She would offer it up handle first. He would hold out his current implement, which she would take with one hand while placing the other in his palm. He would resume spanking without more than a moment’s pause.

Although Layla was clearly enjoying the spanking, she fought frantically against some of the implements. Her panties had flown across the room and her tiny top had slid up to reveal the tantalizing view of one breast. Franklin suddenly stood up, toppling her from his lap.

“Get her naked,” Franklin ordered. He moved to review his implements while Elle helped Layla out of what little clothing remained. Franklin flung a set of restraints over to the girls, and Elle scrambled to fasten them around the other’s wrists and ankles.

“Here,” Franklin said, pointing to the lower portion of the spanking bench, indicating that Layla should sit there. She did as she was told without further direction. Elle stood and moved to the other side of the implement-laden towel. Before she could sink back to her knees, Franklin had another order, “Get her nipples hard.”

Elle caught her lower lip between her teeth, looking sideways at Franklin for just a moment. When he stared evenly back at her, she walked over to Layla, placed a hand on either knee and sunk to her knees before the other. She cupped the girl’s breasts in her hands, teasing them gently before lowering her mouth to first one nipple, then the other. Her fingers pinched and twisted one nipple while her lips and tongue worked the other.

When one nipple was hard, Franklin pushed Elle away from it to attach a clamp while Elle focused on the other. Franklin pushed her away a second time to attach the second clamp. He watched the reaction of one girl after the other, enjoying the way one processed the pain while the other craved it.

Suddenly, he turned to Elle and smacked her face several times. “What are you doing? Sitting there staring? I want my cane.”

Elle scrambled after the requested implement, but when she had it in hand, Franklin had turned his attention to securing Layla over the bench. Elle sunk back on her knees, watching, her eyes bright. Franklin reached out without looking and Elle put the cane in his hand.


  1. Terrific story Liz. Very hot. I am looking forward to Parts 2 and 3.

  2. Thanks Craig, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    And thank you, Joey. I have the next two parts scheduled to post next week, so look for them then!