Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Work Startle - part 2

Continuing the startle-at-work-saga, which started here. If you’re new to the story, I’m out to my family about my spanking interests, but not at all in my professional life, not even to my friends. J is my closest co-worker, our offices adjoin, and we share the trials, tribulations, and hilarity of our boss (who is even more obviously ADD than I am). We wander out to lunch together more days than not and talk about nearly everything under the sun. We'll even talk about sexuality and kink, but not our own.

I had J and his wife over to my house for lunch a few weekends back. Midway through the meal, J casually tells me that if our boss and I happen to be looking for a good Christmas gift, he would like a gift certificate to “Paddle Palace.”

My first thought was – he has been collaborating with our boss about my Christmas gift, so I should probably get on that. I can’t remember what we got for J last year, but the comment makes it obvious that he thought we needed some direction. He’s probably right, which must be frustrating because he always finds the perfect gifts for me.

My second thought was – wait, what? A gift certificate to where? Of course I know it’s some store that sells table-tennis rackets and assorted equipment, because we’ve wasted plenty of time at work discussing all the variations of custom-made rackets. But you can imagine where my mind went.

Seeing my expression, he quickly added, “It’s not as kinky as it sounds.”

Oh dear.

“But I’ve seen the catalog, and there ARE lots of pretty Asian women in it,” his wife helpfully added.

As soon as they left, I had to look this place up. Unless you’re planning to take up professional table-tennis, don’t bother.


  1. Terrific story Lizzie. Thanks for sharing.


  2. But table tennis paddles are awesome!

    Great story. You must have looked so shocked!


  3. You know some of my favorite blogs are the ones about vanilla life and kink mistakes. That cracked me up! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Joey. The story does get even more "interesting". And I've finally finished writing about it.

    Yes, Hermione. I may not be "out" to J, but he's discovered that he can get a reaction from me with this stuff...and he seems to be enjoying it!

    Thank you, Craig! I really didn't start this one, but I know my reactions (curse that fair skin and easy blush) are keeping it going.