Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trio - part 2

Again, this story includes BDSM and sexual themes. If that isn't your thing, skip it.

Layla shrieked at the first strike of the cane. Franklin turned and growled to Elle, “Shut her up.”

Elle gave one quick glance at the bag and the items she had set out, uncertain about what he wanted her to do. Franklin took two steps over to Elle, smacking her face to bring her attention back to him. Glaring at her, his hand slid from her face, down her neck and across her chest. He grabbed the lacey fabric of her bra and jerked it back, revealing one pert breast. He smacked the bare breast, hard. “Use these,” he ordered.

One of Elle’s hands flew behind her back, unfastening her bra. She shrugged out of it, dropping it into Franklin’s bag. One more look at him and she walked around in front of Layla. She fell to her knees, steadying herself by working her fingers through the girl’s hair. Elle took a deep breath, raising her breasts and thrusting one into Layla’s willing mouth. Elle arched her back and enjoyed the sensation while Franklin returned to his caning.

It wasn’t long before Franklin stopped caning to watch. He set the cane aside and moved a chair so that he could sit and watch.

“Turn her over, Elle.”

Elle pushed herself to her feet and unfastened Layla’s wrists and ankles. She offered a hand to the other girl, helping her to her feet. Layla laid back on the bench on her back. At Franklin’s direction, Elle again fastened Layla’s wrists above her head. The girl spread her legs, resting her feet where her knees had been and Elle clipped her ankles into place using an extra carbineer.

“Nice,” Franklin muttered, enjoying the view granted by Layla’s spread legs. “Now Elle,” he ordered, “Get her off for me.”

Elle gave him a sly smile, kneeling on one side of the bench and taking Layla’s breast in her mouth. She teased the nipple clamp with her tongue until the girl was pleading with her. “Fast or slow?” she asked, blowing cool air on the wet nipple.

“Slow?” Layla answered hesitantly.

Elle eased the clamp off before taking the nipple roughly in her mouth. Layla writhed beneath her, crying out at the rush of pain. Elle ignored this, taking the girl’s breast in both hands, squeezing tightly as her mouth worked the nipple. Soon Layla was panting and begging. Elle eased back, running her nails over the sensitive breast before reaching for the other.

“Fast? Please?” Layla pleaded.

“Okay,” Elle said, teasing the nipple for just one moment before pulling the clamp off suddenly with her lips. This time, she ignored the agonized nipple in favor of squeezing her hands around the breast. She alternated squeezing tightly with lightly teasing the other breast. Finally, she lowered her mouth to Layla’s nipple, teasing it with her tongue.

Now one of Elle’s hands slid down Layla’s body. Her hand moved slowly, exploring but intent on its destination. Elle’s fingers slid into Layla’s slit, her middle finger searching for the girl’s clit while her first and fourth fingers spread the girl’s pussy for her lover’s gaze. Her mouth stayed busy with Layla’s breasts, sucking and teasing, while her fingers played in the girl’s wet pussy.

Franklin moaned softly. His hand discretely stroked the length of his throbbing cock through his jeans.

Elle continued in this vein for bit – her mouth busy with Layla’s breasts, her fingers spreading the girl’s pussy and lightly teasing the girl’s clit. Layla thrust her hips against Elle’s fingers, arching her back to press her breasts into Elle’s mouth.

Elle kept Layla’s pussy spread wide, one finger playing with her clit. Elle’s other hand thrust into Layla’s dripping hole – first two fingers, then three. She fucked the girl hard, spreading her and pounding into her at the same time. With a scream, Layla came and Elle eased back a bit, though she kept Layla’s pussy well spread for Franklin’s view.

Franklin stood; in two quick steps, he was beside the pair. First, he stroked Elle’s face, giving her a rare smile, “That’s my good girl, Elle. You’ll get your reward.” He turned his attention to Layla, “But you?” he smacked her face, hard, “Did I say you could come?”

“But…” Layla began to argue.

“Shut the fuck up,” he said, smacking her again. “I’ll deal with you in a moment. But first…”

He took Elle by the hand and led her back to the chair. He unfastened his pants and freed his throbbing cock. As he sat in the chair, he pulled her tiny thong off. One hand hooked behind her knee, he pulled her into his lap. She straddled him, one hand between her legs to direct his cock into her dripping pussy. She slid down onto him, sighing as his cock pushed deep into her cunt.

She moaned, arching her back to display her breasts to him. She didn’t push them into his face, though she offered them for his taking. Here, she would not be so bold as she might in the privacy of their bedroom. But this was her reward, so she rode him, bouncing up and down on his cock.

He took the offered nipples in his mouth, one after another. His hands alternated between teasing her breasts, stroking her clit, and squeezing around her hips, controlling her rhythm. Soon she was begging for his permission to come, but he denied her. She simply rode him harder and faster, pleading with him. Finally, he granted her permission and she came noisily – screaming out while her cunt clutched his cock.

He held her there for a moment before he helped her to her feet. He hugged her tight for a moment, letting her shake against him. He whispered quietly to her, reassuring her and planning the next part of their scene.